Although we have not always publicized it, Drupal has been a large part of Brazen Careerist’s website for almost two years. It is one of the major reasons that we were able to grow so fast from a blog aggregator to a full-featured social networking site. Drupal has helped us grow into one of the premier up-and-coming career sites for young professionals.

Brazen Careerist breaks the mold of traditional recruiting and career sites like CareerBuilder, Monster, or even LinkedIn. We emphasize networking and ideas over experience as the primary way to get the job you want or succeed at the one you’re in. To do this, we’ve developed many cutting edge social-media features in Drupal 6 along with a restructuring of the traditional resume.

“Conversation” Feeds

As a niche network, we have always focused on the quality of interaction between our users. Originally starting with blog comments, we eventually shifted to a Facebook/FriendFeed style feed.

The data shown when you first log into your account is customized specifically for you. We host many career- and interest-focused networks and corporate recruitment pages (Organic Groups), and if you join any of them, their content shows up in your feed. If you become a fan of someone (User Relationships), any content they post, comment on, or recommend (Voting API), shows up on your feed. We also bump content to the top of the feed when activity on it occurs, so that topics with heated conversations and ideas are more clearly visible.

Playing Nicely with Others

Another thing we’ve realized as a relatively new social network is that it’s a waste of time competing with the big guys. We want to offer a new experience, a new type of conversation, and make it easy for you to use your regular social networking sites. After all, pigeonholing yourself to one group or site is not a great networking principle, online or offline. So, we’ve worked hard at seamlessly integrating with sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

First, users have two options of registering and signing in to our site, via Facebook Connect or a standard Drupal login.

Second, when starting new conversations or posting updates, we allow users to update their Facebook, Twitter or Linked in status with the click of a check-box. These networks are where most of our users are hanging out when they’re not doing their professional networking on Brazen Careerist,. Furthermore, we have 2-way integration with Twitter, allowing our users to post to Brazen Careerist by using the #brazen hash tag.

Social Resumes

Our latest release is a social twist on resumes. Besides the standard resume information like work experience and education, we allow users to highlight their own ideas that they feel best represent their professional brand. Using the Flag module, our users can pick posts from their RSS feeds, tweets or any other on-site content, and highlight it on their resume.

This social view of professional life is what makes Brazen Careerist stand out from other career sites. We realize that in a business world where an online presence is critical and people move from job to job, being able to showcase the way you see yourself and interact online will set you apart from the rest. This is even more important for younger job-seekers, who don’t have 20 years of experience or contacts to put on their LinkedIn profile.

Where We Go From Here

One of the biggest things we’re focusing on now is scalability and performance. We’ve been lucky to have grown extremely quickly (600% since August). We’ve learned about scaling issues in the past the hard way. For example, we found that aggregating the hundreds of thousands of nodes (user profiles, blog posts, conversations, tweets, etc.) just to display your personalized “conversation” feed is very expensive. So we built our own caching system to grab these, but need to do even more to get the speed of the site to match up with its capabilities. Besides adding extra servers, we use CacheRouter to employ APC and Memcache caches and have been working on reducing the number of cache clears.

We’re looking at ways to reconfigure our multiple server architecture to allow us to horizontally scale our database servers. We’re also switching from FeedAPI to Feeds to take advantage of PubSubHubbub. With FeedAPI, the import of 20,000 blog posts per month on cron is taking its toll on the rest of the site.

Because of our ties with a number of large organizations, we’ll be adding and improving our advanced administration, reporting, and security features for some accounts. These feature sets have their own challenges, especially while managing a full social network at the same time.

Finally, we want to contribute more! Our whole team feels strongly about this, but it’s easier said than done when there are deadlines in the way. We’ve contributed a few patches, but there’s a lot of technology behind our site that we would love to share with the rest of the community. Please contact me with any suggestions or ideas about how we can help more.

Our Team

Brazen Careerist has been lucky to work with the most talented Drupal people in our area, Madison, WI. Our lead engineers, Blake Hall and Andrew Shell are extremely active in both the Drupal community and the local tech scene. Blake runs the Wisconsin Drupal User Group and organized an extremely successful DrupalCamp here. Andrew Shell is currently working on the all-encompassing web group in Madison (Web608), has lead the PHP User Group, and spent time with some great Silicon Valley startups. We’ve also worked with great contractors inside and outside of Madison (contact me if you want some great references). We’re always having a fun time out here so if you’re ever in town, stop by the Drupal group or by our office and get the full Madison tech experience!


ColdSun’s picture

This is one of the most well developed social networking sites based on the Drupal Framework I've seen. Simply incredible.

I was however wondering, how many modules are inhouse developed, and how many are from contrib here on D.O? If quite a few, do you have a rough list of which ones and where we can see them in action on your site?

ppatriotis’s picture

Thanks a lot for checking the site out.

We do a ton of in-house development but still heavily rely on contrib modules. As a general rule of thumb, we try to stick to working on UI and performance for our custom modules. The back-end, though, heavily relies on contrib code. The modules I talk about above are some examples. We also use a lot of other modules I didn't list, like logintoboggan, context, cck, views, and pathauto, that are common and widely used.

The majority of our own modules involve heavy use of form_alter and the theme layer. The theme layer is great because it enables us to really organize our templates and css files, which we split up by functionality.

SamSound’s picture

congratulations on the site.

Im impressed particularly with the user profiles, can help some advice on how you did 3 things.

1) the facebook and twitter connections. are you using any contributed modules, or did you write your own, and the selection boxes under the status, are they cont, or did you make them yourselve?

2) when i first signed in it had a few boxes explaining what things were, which i was able to close and now theyve gone, how can i get a boxes to show up like this. are these through theming? are their any tutorial around

3) the edit links, on the current users profile, that link to relevant edit fields. again are there any tutorals around for this?

Thank you for sharing what youve done,
and thanks to anyone on any guidance or advice.

blakehall’s picture

Thanks for the kind words.

Most of the specific code you're asking about is custom.

The close-able boxes are basically custom blocks. I'm hoping to have time to cleanup the close (and stay closed) code to generalize the module and release it to contrib. From what I understand, this will be much easier in Drupal 7 using hook_block_view_alter().

bolaowoade’s picture

How did you do the pop ups on the front page. For example when i hover over the What is brazencareerist label a pop appears answering the question. Please how did you do this? Is there an existing module or is it custom code you wrote?

blakehall’s picture

For the front page we're using a custom page-front.tpl.php with a bit of jQuery sprinkled in to handle those popups.

ajayg’s picture

You mentioned using User relationship. Any issues you have seen with UR and scalability? How you get updates from fans? Is that through Activity and if yes Activity 1 or 2. Have seen any issues scaling integration of UR and activity (or other activity type module)?

ppatriotis’s picture

User Relationships isn't that bad if you query the table directly. This is how we used to do our activity feeds to find out who you were following, before we upgraded to a new architecture. We never used the activity module though because we had special requirements for theming all of the content.

The way we have scaled up now is to keep two large unnormalized tables which record enough data (using hook_og, hook_nodeapi, etc.) to display everything for one of our feed items and who has performed anything on that item. These two tables are optimized so we can query them quickly when a user views their own fan feed or when viewing a network feed.

Here's the tables that we are using currently:

CREATE TABLE `api_conversation_feed_items` (
  `api_conversation_feed_item_id` bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
  `type` varchar(50) NOT NULL,
  `nid` int(11) default NULL,
  `author_uid` int(11) default NULL,
  `group_nid` int(11) default NULL,
  `group_private` tinyint(4) default NULL,
  `data` text NOT NULL,
  `timestamp` int(11) NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY  (`api_conversation_feed_item_id`),
  KEY `author_uid` (`author_uid`),
  KEY `group_nid` (`group_nid`),
  KEY `timestamp` (`timestamp`),
  KEY `id_type_time` (`timestamp`,`type`,`api_conversation_feed_item_id`)

CREATE TABLE `api_conversation_feed_source` (
  `api_conversation_feed_item_id` bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL,
  `author_uid` int(11) NOT NULL,
  `group_nid` int(11) NOT NULL,
  `group_private` tinyint(4) default NULL,
  `timestamp` int(11) NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY  (`api_conversation_feed_item_id`,`author_uid`,`group_nid`),
  KEY `author_uid` (`author_uid`),
  KEY `group_nid` (`group_nid`),
  KEY `id_time` (`api_conversation_feed_item_id`,`timestamp`)

There are a few drawbacks to doing things this way: it makes changes more difficult, and you cannot display very old data unless you have a different way to re-route the queries back to the original Drupal tables. We're hoping to upgrade the way these are stored as well in the near future.

PC Pro Schools’s picture

Looks great man, good job and congrats on an awesome site.

ShaunDychko’s picture

You have a very sophisticated site that looks impressive. You were asking for input about how you can help the Drupal community, and my suggestion is to provide documentation on how to install and configure the latest version of Facebook Connect since I notice you have this working on your site. This module has recently been picked up by a new maintainer, and it could use some fresh documentation to make things clear, since the issue queues have some conflicting advice.

ppatriotis’s picture

We definitely had quirky things that we had to address to get it working on our site. We're using beta8 and I see it's in beta9 now. I'll take a look through.

kostajh’s picture

I haven't seen many implementations of Facebook Connect with Drupal, but this is the best I have seen. Contributing documentation to that project would be great.


Kuldip Gohil’s picture


This is a great site in Drupal, UI is very cool.

BTW- Multi step Form after registration is Custom code?

ppatriotis’s picture

Yes and no. Logintobbogan let's you pick a place to redirect right after validation. So, we redirect to a form, which subsequently redirects to another form, etc. I don't think there's a need for a multiple step form here, you can just do different ones, since the information gets saved from each one and have links going back and forth.

portait’s picture

What I really like is that network (og) members can post messages without hitting an extra link. The form is right there at the top where users can post content. This is extremely convenient and encourages people to post content.

Is this a custom form module or is there a tutorial how this could be done?
How did you get rid of the node title within the networks?

ppatriotis’s picture

The current implementation of that form is pretty complicated right now, since we have posting to multiple networks and to other social services. However, we have had the comments box on these networks like this for a long time.

What we used to do is just display the regular comments form using drupal_get_form('comment_form',$edit) in the template for the group. This should be fairly easy to do. Displaying the comments is a little more difficult; you have to make sure that the comment form at the bottom is disabled without actually disabling commenting on the group node type. We did this by hiding it using the theme layer once again.

Hope that helps.

kaakuu’s picture

Looks cool and great. Congrats.
Since this hs been labelled as social net, a few questions :

can users show/hide their online status as wished
can an user block another user completely so that his contents are totally invisible
can user refuse pm from a specific user
is there profile commenting, which the user, can choose to show to all, friends only or none
any social net is not complete without social apps or gadgets - what/how are these in this site
what are the privacy features that an user has

Thanks for giving your time. Keep up the great work.

ppatriotis’s picture

Ideally, we intend our network to be mostly public, since the whole point is to have a publicly available representation of yourself to potential employers. However, as we grow, we have been integrating more and more privacy features so that users don't feel like anything they're involved with on the site will be forever associated with them.

Currently, we have the ability to hide & delete statuses and block people from networks. Blocking others from becoming your fan or commenting on your statuses is not available yet, but there have only been minor requests for this. Also, no one can PM you until you are a fan of them, so you have control over PM "blocking". For some organizations that we partner with, we offer private networks for internal communication.

I would LOVE to get into gadgets, but I don't know if there's enough of a developer user-base for our site that may want to develop these. I am open to any ideas. I could see any career-related site allowing people to add a gadget to their resume, but I don't know if there's enough demand right now to get into this space. Probably something worth looking into again.

Thanks a lot for the comment!

adrianmak’s picture

What are the twitter like feed built by ? custom or contrib module ?

ppatriotis’s picture

By twitter-like feeds, do you mean our conversation feeds? If so, their display and extra performance enhancements are all custom, but the back-end is all standard CCK & Comments.

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We emphasize networking and ideas over experience as the primary way to get the job you want or succeed at the one you’re in. To do this, we’ve developed many cutting edge social-media features in Drupal 6 along with a restructuring of the traditional resume.

Your site is nice in appearance. But unless the world has changed in a most fundamental sense, I do not think any respectable company or corporation that is aiming to make a profit in today's difficult economic environment is going to stress networking and ideas over experience. I would be curious as to why you think large companies are going to flock to to look over potential candidates for employment. In the real world, it is the potential candidates for employment that are flocking to the websites of the large companies. I congratulate you for tapping into the vast well of uncertainty that is gripping today's young college graduates. Unfortunately, I think you are misleading them.

Here are some of the choice expressions from your site that I believe are the worst offenders:

Get a job you want. Every time you want one.

Every time you want one?

Employers want to see you talking about complex issues. Professional conversations help employers make intelligent hiring decisions.

This is why employers summon candidates for interviews. Do you think we have time to read the conversations of youngsters on the internet?

Brazen Careerist is for people who actively manage their careers. Identify yourself as a high-performer by the conversations you have on Brazen Careerist.

Conversations are the basis for identifying someone as a high performer? Are you kidding?

What matters is not the amount of experience you have but the type of ideas you generate.

This is my favorite. It reminds me of something that might come out of the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell's novel "1984."

But your site certainly does *look* nice. Best of luck in your endeavor! Brazen, indeed!

samkat12’s picture

First of all i would like to congratulate Brazen the site is great technically,conceptually and the business logic behind the site. Brazen shows that with Drupal you can build any website, your imagination is the limit.

social networking is great for marketing both Small and big companies want a piece of the social phenomenon

Before the internet came along businesses used to advertise,carry out public relations on TV,news Paper,Radio e.t.c. Now the battle is fought on the internet. Because anyone can express them selves freely. look at the recent candle with Toyota [ blogs e.t.c]. so my point here is that in the near future companies will be looking for people who can scan the all social networks/internet to find news,topics and discussions about the company,individuals like stars-celebrities. PR (public relations) firms will be hiring people who know how to find conversations from the internet, marketers will also be recruiting for people who can look for potential customers from social networks and the internet as well.

Now if i was looking for the person to hire ,i think my first point of call would

So i think Brazen has a vision that is in early stage. But very realistic and a very viable business. Facebook is said to be worth more than 1 billion dollars,why because of the large user profile and contact information they have. Brazen Brazen also has a huge contact list of social potential employees.

if Goggle, Twitter, Face book were pitching their ideas 10 years ago, people would have called these entrepreneurs Insane

. So my free advice to is:
Stay focused on your mission Brazen Careerist: A Career-Focused Social Network for Young Professional, Time is on your side and People take along time to realise a technology before it hits prime time.

If i was marketing Brazen i would market it as a System or Website <-System sounds more professional->)with the following core business models:
A web based network that allows people who are well conversant with social medial to post their social resumes(capabilities) on the Brazen, thus allowing Big & small businesses,celebrities,politicians and every find employees who are socially competent. this needs refinements but it is good, .

This is likely to get the Media excited and come knocking on Brazen doors.

I think Brazen Careerist is on to something Great...go get it

thanks for the Write up.

dripdrop’s picture

Brazen shows that with Drupal you can build any website, your imagination is the limit.

Imagination, indeed. You need a lot of imagination to believe some of the declarations that appear in the scrolling window on the home page of the brazen site. (I do, however, share your enthusiasm for drupal, and i agree that from a purely technical standpoint the brazen site is a good example of what the drupal framework can do.)

in the near future companies will be looking for people who can scan the all social networks/internet to find news,topics and discussions about the company,individuals like stars-celebrities...firms will be hiring people who know how to find conversations from the internet

Your comment indicates clearly that you have very limited experience in the business world. Scan the social networks? Find news about star celebrities? Since when is that the stuff of a solid and competitive resume? Can you name some firms that are willing to pay a decent salary in exchange for finding "conversations from the internet"?

Facebook is said to be worth more than 1 billion dollars,why because of the large user profile and contact information they have.. Brazen also has a huge contact list of social potential employees.

Yes, there is no question that the developers of this new site stand to make some money (if they charge for their services) by exploiting the fears and misconceptions of the young generation looking for work in today's economic downturn. Facebook, to its credit, has never claimed that by signing up you would get a social life. And please identify some corporations that are looking for "social potential employees."

Goggle, Twitter, Face book were pitching their ideas 10 years ago, people would have called these entrepreneurs Insane

I disagree... those services are not in business to lure clients by promising to make a silk purse from a sow's ear. (Look it up if you don't know what it means.) find employees who are socially competent

The whole social networking phenomenon appears to have convinced many that being "socially competent" on the internet is a desirable skill, equal in value to the ability to read, write, and exercise judgment. I disagree with that notion fundamentally.

ppatriotis’s picture

As someone that works at Brazen Careerist, I didn't want to dive into this philosophical discussion for fear of sounding too biased. There are many different ways to approach hiring employees, maybe these won't work for your own hiring, but they undeniably work for others. The world has not fundamentally changed, people have always been hired for many different social reasons, especially for certain jobs where this is the primary requirement, it's just that a lot of this is done on the internet now as well as in person, and has therefore made it easier to do and quantify.

Obviously we have not thrown away resumes or experience entirely, they are still somewhat a part of our site, we want to approach them from an online, social angle though. If you'd like some more reference take a look at this article that was published today on a major recruiting site. It highlights the many reasons that social networking is valuable.

samkat12’s picture

Early stage companies usually get a lot of slam, because some people do not get business logic of the enterprise. Those who stick at it usually win.

Brazen has a good platform,therefore it is easy for them to twick or enhance what ever business model they envisage in future.Face book was a college website at its infancy but now it is serving the whole world, Google started as a platform to organise content or lets say website links,that is before they hit gold with the ad words and the right side advertising model.

. By the way Brazen epitomises the extent at which Drupal can be used to build a robust website that would have cost Hundreds of thousands of Dollars...Thanks to a thriving Drupal community.

bogeyman’s picture

Your website is like the combination of Twitter and Facebook. Very cool!!!

ppatriotis’s picture

They're great examples to draw from. Our goal is to make it fun and interactive like the mentioned sites, but make sure that the interaction is more professional.

adrianmak’s picture

No matter the website is success or not, in technical point of view, it is great, business point of view is another story. Time will tell us.

jaochoo’s picture

I love the user profiles.. especially because I always struggle with Content Profiles and how to use and theme it.. plus I never found a good tutorial or documentation for it. It just does not look like a nice user profile you know from a Social Network.. So may I ask if you could elaborate a little bit more detailled about how you achieved the nice user profiles? Maybe even sharing some code or steps how I could do the same?

ppatriotis’s picture

Most of our profiles are done by the combination of the Content Profile module and CCK. CCK lets us create a profile content type with whatever fields (images, location, etc.) we need. Then we edit the content type's .tpl file in the theme. That part is pretty simple.

The harder part is if you want sub-pages. We currently do this using simple custom modules which define a menu callback (e.g. profile/%/activity), which just calls another page to be themed. I'm not sure if there's another out-of-the-box module to make these sub-pages.

jaochoo’s picture

Thanks for your help. Let me ask more detailled about a profile page like this one here you do the following:
1) The right bar is just blocks in a region? E.g. "Networks (10)" being a View of the OG that user joined etc.?
2) How do you make the main part of the profile, in particular that user picture and information are appearing above the tabs? Is it just theming the .tpl file?
3) Are the tabs on the user profile page the "normal" Drupal tabs (e.g. those which can be added with Views) or is it the "sub-pages" you were talking about?

Thanks again!

ppatriotis’s picture

1) Yes. This is just our right sidebar region. You can make the blocks there hide/show up using the blocks visibility on profile/* OR use the context module. We've done both. Some of the blocks on the right are custom blocks, some are views blocks. For views blocks we did some funky arguments hacks to get the user out of the "profile/%" format. This may be fixed in views now, but I'm not sure.

2) That's just theming. The .tpl file has the node and therefore has all of the CCK information. Make sure you're displaying this stuff securely though!

3) No, these are not the standard Drupal tabs, since we had to redo the css, etc. anyway, we just put these in there ourselves in the .tpl. We also didn't want the view, edit, etc. tabs for our regular users (you can edit your profile via the menu). As a site admin, I see the other tabs though so I can edit and have other functionality while going through the site.

I hope that helps.

jaochoo’s picture

Thank you for your detailled reply. That's very helpful. The big issue I (always) have when using Content Profile is that there are actually two pieces: The normal Drupal user page (users/%) and the Content Profile node. Do you know how to bring these pieces together? So far, I was able to use Panels to override users/%, so I can display information from the Content Profile there. However, that does not solve the issue that the actual Content Profile node is still accessible which might confuse users once they stumble upon it. At best, there is one single user page at users/% (so that possible links from other modules etc. still work) containing information from the Content Profile and the actual Content Profile node is not accessible anymore (or redirects to the Content Profile node).

Make sure you're displaying this stuff securely though!

How do you achieve that, and how do you actual mean it? Isn't the content access managed by Drupal and the node permissions itself?

No, these are not the standard Drupal tabs, since we had to redo the css, etc. anyway, we just put these in there ourselves in the .tpl.

So is it hardcoded, i.e. you just wrote an ul-HTML list linking to some predefined paths, and use CSS to style it as tabs?

Sorry for the many questions, but your site looks great and the profile issue always is something I am hassling with so your help is more than appreciated!

Michelle’s picture

You can just redirect from the profile node to the user page. That's what Advanced Profile Kit does.


jaochoo’s picture

Michelle, I tried to use APK but did not get it working (I cannot remember why though; I think it was due to different naming as APK expects a certain name for the Content Profile CCK type); however, how does APK redirect from the profile node to the user page? I already asked in the general forums and got two good advise ( either doing it with Rules or with applying a patch to Content Profile. Anyways, I would like to know your solution as well.

JayNL’s picture

I registered @ your site. It looks amazing and works perfect thus far. Very nice job!!! Also the FB integration made registering a breeze, which is a nice addon.

webdesigncapetown’s picture

Looks awesome. What module did you use for the slider or slideshow.

chrisroditis’s picture

Geia sou Photi!
Congrats on the site it looks wonderful and I understand the amount of effort you must have put on it, i'm on a similar project (a socnet) for the past year. What are your plans for upgrading to Drupal 7?

A healthy disregard for the impossible.

ppatriotis’s picture

Thanks for the congratulations. Always happy to meet tech people from Greece (I hope you are doing ok over there).

No plans for a Drupal 7 upgrade yet though.

nadams84’s picture

The site appears to be well structured and presented, nice work.

The username system used throughout the site is somthing similar to what I am looking for. Is the 'name' field on the registration form an alteration of the core 'username' field?

It would be interesting know how you have worked this to allow for duplicate names? It seems to work similar to the realname module, have you used this as a base or do you use a custom mod?

jaochoo’s picture

I don't know what Brazen Careerist uses for the usernames, but on our system we are using the Realname module which you already mentioned and it works like a charm for us. Maybe this helps, too..

nadams84’s picture

I'm playing around with the Realname module and another add-on to it that I found called Realname autogenerate_username. The combination is almost giving the desired output although I am having some issues with the 'name' display formats in some areas when the values have been duplicated.

It don't think it'll take much altering, although I have read a number of posts covering the same problem so it seems to be a desired system.

irakli’s picture

Looks great, everything in the user interface is well thought-out and both functional + pleasant looking. Very well done!

Two quick questions, if you don't mind:

1. I did not see a true activity stream. That's a pretty common/useful feature in social networks. Any plans for that?
2. Site seems fairly slow even as is. What's the growth strategy? Drupal's architecture is fairly poorly suited for high-volume write-intensive Web applications (due to its abstract pluggable nature and heavy reliance on relational database for back-end). How are you planning to scale?

Thank you.

aac’s picture

Thanks for a nice writeup.
Congratulations for your great website!!


mshomam’s picture

removed for spam

jaochoo’s picture

But unless the world has changed in a most fundamental sense

It has. I consider Social Media a fundamental change.

In the real world, it is the potential candidates for employment that are flocking to the websites of the large companies.

Why are companies spending thousands and millions of dollars for their Employer Branding (just to name one example)? The fact is that te companies have to compete for the high potentials.

travisc’s picture

I'm sorry to say this but if you want to grow BIG that domain name/brand name will never work. Personally i kind of like it, but A.) I bet a significant amount of your demographic that doesn't know what Brazen means. B.) Careerist, not a word, potentially hard to say/spell... C.) too many letters.

I applaud you for focusing on this genY demo though, this generation needs allot of help ATM...

NathanM’s picture

Maybe they won't be able to make it as big as facebook or linked in, but I'd say they're already doing better than 99.9% of all sites out there. Keep up the good work, guys.

ColdSun’s picture

Exceptional work. Your profile section is one of the most easy to use and impressive I've seen in a drupal install for quite a while. Shame there isn't a tutorial to create something similar (granted, a lot of it isn't too hard to imitate).

Question however, how did you create the "View (X) older replies" on the fan feed page. This feature I'd be very interested in implementing on various wall-isk sites. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

jaochoo’s picture

how did you create the "View (X) older replies" on the fan feed page.

What module do you use? I am using Heartbeat which provides some very useful hooks and theming functions to control the display of messages. So when displaying the comment-list for a message I will only display the latest 2 comments and put the older comments in a hidden DIV which can be displayed clicking the "Show all (x) comments" link (I would prefer dynamically loading them into the comment tree using AJAX though).

dayakreasi’s picture

good job and congrats on an awesome site, can u tell me how to make microbloging like

what module to make like that, is that using view?

thanks before

jaochoo’s picture

I understand they wrote a custom module for that, but you can achieve similar functionality using the Heartbeat module, either with the Shout sub-module included in Heartbeat or combining it with the FBSS module. Both require some work of configuring and customizing it, but you can achieve a really nice Twitter- or Facebook-like microblogging and news stream. Heartbeat take a little time to figure it out and set it up, but then it is a strong module with a developer who is very fast in reviewing and implementing bug reports and feature request from the issue queue.

patpetrillo’s picture

First of all, congratulations for this. It's been a while I haven't get into this website since the last time I was hoping my company will send our new team to DrupalCon SF 2010 (Unfortunately we didn't got the chance to go).

Our team just created a system that involves with payment system (Our very first project :-)). And here I'm really intrigued with the thing connecting (Social Networks). I think this system will be great to do with in our organization.

P.s: Sorry for my English, English is second language in my country.

Best regards,
Pat Petrillo