Hi folks,

I have an Intranet site (drupal based) in machine A and I also have a peoplesoft site in server B. This peoplesoft is implementing a cookie based authentication. I want a "single-sign-on" scenario that everyone who successfully sign-in into Intranet site will also automatically login to the peoplesoft website and then i can pull information from the peoplesoft site and use if for different services

I've heard drupal_http_request as a method to access another website but I don't have a clue to implement this API since I also ever heard the drupal_http_request can't automatically set the cookie from remote site (in this case peoplesoft) to the user (who logged to the Intranet).

Is there any solution for my problem?

Thx in Advance



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Use the PHP HttpRequest object to get the cookie and then set the cookie (setCookies). Once you have PS_TOKEN (psoft cookie), you can retrieve content/data from Peoplesoft.