We're proud to announce the release of a E-Commerce 4.7, which contains a large collection of new features and improvements. The E-Commerce project is a Drupal project containing over 30 modules, and 5 developer APIs.

We've been working hard to release the 4.7 version of E-Commerce. For example, the number of code changes per month is up from 45 in 2005 to 120 in 2006.

We hope you like the improvements, because there are plenty more on the way for E-Commerce 4.8.

New Features Added

  • Full HTML email notifications
  • Improved transformation of content like audio, images and other files into their own products
  • Shipping from multiple distribution centers via Fedex, UPS and USPS
  • Develop your own address book, or integrate with CiviCRM
  • More robust transaction auditing
  • New documentation at the E-Commerce handbook
  • New payment gateways
  • 4.7 E-Commerce modules now automatically install their own tables
  • Support for PostgreSQL installations

Usability Improvements

  • A more robust and streamlined checkout system
  • Improve transaction search page that is easier to use and more flexible
  • Store settings are better organised and easier to find


There has been a general strengthening of the E-Commerce APIs with a couple of new ones around the corner.

  • The shipping API has been improved by Goodstorm and Bioneers and now facilitates additional shipping modules.
  • The pricing API has been streamlined and is now better-integrated into the cart. This has improved the ease of writing price-adjustment modules.
  • The documentation in CVS has been cleaned up, new documentation is begin written for each of the E-Commerce APIs, and new documentation is on the way to help developers write their own modules.
  • E-Commerce has multiple maintainers, lead by Gordon Heydon, to help you keep your SQL and code tight and your documentation up to date and user-friendly.
  • There is increased networking among E-Commerce developers, utilising a mailing-list, an E-Commerce group and IRC (#drupal-ecommerce).
  • Some additional unofficial tricks such as sending PDF invoices.


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Well Done Gordon et al.

I have been following development of this module for some time, helping out with bug reports where I can.

This is a fantastic module, and deserves its front-page billing.

Keep up the good work.


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Digg this Story

Help spread the word about the system, as it is a big improvement over past efforts. More users = (hopefully) more contributers = A stronger system.

I've been developing a few sites using the CVS of this package and it is excellent. Congratulations and thank you to the developers who pitched in on this!

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Rick Vugteveen |rickvug.com @rickvug on Twitter

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Looking forward to trying this out :)

Dominic Ryan

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I am very appreciative of the work that my fellow Australian Gordon Heydon and his team has done on the e-commerce module. They deserve at the very least to be shouted a beer or two and that offer is open to any of them that can take up my offer in Melbourne in 2006. Contact me

I have commented on the release in my new blog at www.drupal.com.au


In the future I would like to be more involved on the work that goes on producing such Drupal Enhancements but to date that has not been practicable for me. I am pleased to be able to begin promoting Drupal in Australia and consider that task to be one of the small ways I give something back to the community.

The Drupal community is an outstanding example of how the internet enables co-creation on a scale hithertho unknown on this planet and perhaps any other. It is exciting to be part of this venture.

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Cool, I would like to see some sample Drupal Ecommerce sites.
Drupal websites with ecommerce subscriptions are partcularly welcomed.

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All I can say is ... greate piece of work !! Thanks a lot.

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There are sample sites listed on the module page.


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@mpamphile - The Snowboard Magazine store, although down today due to a server move, has both subscriptions and products. However, I don't know which version of Drupal (4.6.x vs. 4.7.x) or, for that matter, which version of the new e-commerce module they're using. Check out the store when it's back up. Then, join the new e-commerce group and post your thoughts on subscriptions there.

@MichelleC (or anyone with the answer) - Other than asking the webmasters of the sample sites listed on the module page, is there any way to find out which version of Drupal (4.6.x vs. 4.7.x) or, for that matter, which version of the new e-commerce module they're using?

For example, I visited the module page and chose Snowboard Magazine, but I can't tell which module versions they're using.

Thanks! :)

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The modules page needs freshening up, I doubt that any of those sites are 4.7

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I'm not involved with this module and don't even use it (yet). I just found the samples listed on the modules page when I went looking for them myself.


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Awesome. Gordon, way to take this project and fly with it! You're an angel, spanning all currencies and speaking all payment gateways.

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The E-commerce module definately is coming along, lots of new features etc. However, I thought it would be good for us to be balanced about things and let people know what isn't done, and what's planned.

Sometimes what a module can not yet do is as informative and helpful as a list of what it does.

Something that was recently discussed on the development list is the importance of a method to bulk import. This may be a consideration if you are actually planning a production site with more than a handful of products.

What other important features do people know of that are planned or otherwise still needed?

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I know that there are a few simple things that haven't been finished yet. For example, with the switch to the new shipping API, simple options such as shipping price per item are not defined. However, more advanced options such as shipping centers and shipping calculators are ready to go. This its a case of "scratch your own itch" that should be solved soon, after the paid work on the project winds down.

Hope this helps.

Rick Vugteveen | Image X Media (work) | Blog (personal)

Rick Vugteveen |rickvug.com @rickvug on Twitter

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rkendall et al

Come and join the ecommerce group and check-out this thread.


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sime’s picture

Some of the comments on digg are hilarious. I particularly like the "drupal has ugly code" troll.

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Thanks we made the front page.
Gordon Heydon
Heydon Consulting

Gordon Heydon

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Lovely job mates. I just finished an e-commerce site on 4.6, and have another potential project on the way that I can now use 4.7 for. Good timing! :)

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Sure it is good but it no where near the capabilities and reliability of osCommerce, it takes a LOT of customisation to say, setup a tshirt selling site with multiple sizes/colors of garments that is selectable in the same screen you view the product.

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Hi leighm(?)

Sure that's a consideration. Everyone should be careful when choosing any platform. osCommerce and zen-cart are ahead based on e-commerce features. But having worked with with zen-cart for example, I prefer everything about drupal, even though I don't get a GST tax module or Australia Post shipping (yet). Go figure!

Drupal rocks and E-Commerce contributors intend to make it rock harder.

However, don't get me wrong, we don't expect zero criticism. But why make such comparisons? For example I could sit on zc forums and tell them why they should stop announcing their releases because they don't support foo or bah. So if anything, I'm bemused...

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Yes E-Commerce is not osCommerce or ZenCart, but I do beleive that it will hold its own against dedicated shopping carts like these.

However with the work that has been done during this past development cycle we will be able to extend E-Commerce to be a serious contender with all the dedicated carts.
Gordon Heydon
Heydon Consulting

Gordon Heydon

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I have used both OS-commerce and zen cart for my site, fair enough the oscommerce for drupal hasn't as many features _yet_ but zen cart and oscommerce are in my opinion rubbish for sites that require any level of administration or customisation, all the sites that use them look exactly the same.
I used zencart/oscommerce and thought there were many features lacking, but it didn't take me long to hack in all of the features I needed and customise it to my needs, and now my wife does all the admin and content on the site, which would have been a joke using oscommerce/zencart.
Then there is all the bickering and infighting between developers, and the terrible coding (my opinion).
I was going to use mambo, until the developers decided to have handbags at dawn, lets hope drupal doesn't suffer the same fate!
Excellent work, and I hope to contribute significant portions of work, once my drupal and php coding comes up to scratch (way to hacky at the moment)

Thanks again guys for an excellent product!

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Just wanted to express how very thankful I am to Gordon and his inspiring team that have, again, delivered a high-quality product. Under Gordon's leadership, the e-commerce module has come so far! Hooray for the new and improved e-commerce module!!!

And some folks have very valid criticisms that should be listened to and, if possible, integrated into future releases. Hopefully, folks will use the Feature requests form to add things they believe the module should have, which in turn should help Gordon and the team to better prioritize features.

But for some folks to say the new e-commerce module isn't Zen Cart or osCommerce is like saying my very efficient, super dependent, and environmentally friendly Toyota is not a Porsche. I'm sticking with my Toyota! :) It may not be as fast as the Porsche, but it will get me there.

With the progress the new e-commerce module has made and the way it integrates so nicely with its hooks into so many of the other modules, I know I can start depending on Drupal for my total solution without having to also integrate (and worry about!) external and non-Drupal add-ons such as Zen Cart or osCommerce.

Walt Esquivel, MBA; MA; President, Wellness Corps; Captain, USMC (Veteran)
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P.S. And please, no jokes about, "I'll take the Porsche!!!" ;)

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First, a huge thanks to Gordan et. al. for all their wonderful efforts. eCommerce is going to be an incredible asset to Drupal! (once the bugs are gone...)

Unfortunately, with the 4.7 versions of Drupal and eCommerce (4.7.0, 08/06/2006 - 03:15B) you cannot add shipping charges and cannot pass your tax calculations to Paypal.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but don't expect all these modules to work without downloading and installing CVS versions and multiple patches.

Thank you for the great work. I look forward to helping sort out the last few details.

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These guys are very good. They not just created a very cool ecommerce package for Drupal 4.7 but inserted a Druplicon in the pic included in the announcement.
The news is Now Public | Drupal development: making the world better, one patch at a time.

Drupal development: making the world better, one patch at a time. | A bedroom without a teddy is like a face without a smile.

DaveNotik’s picture

Yes, I just noticed it myself. Genius. :)

I know there's been talk on this elsewhere, but I'm personally a big fan of that little fella, as both a logo and mascot.



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Would it be possible to integrate it with Google Base?
I don't exactly know how useful it would be. Just an idea.

Thank you so much for this great module.

rickvug’s picture

I say that people should watch google for the G-Buy (or whatever) pay pal killer and then look into this. If G-Buy syncs with Google analytics to provide ROI, we would be able to build a site that tracks every movement of the consumer throughout the shopping process. The sitemap and analytics integration is already there. I think this is something that many large online sellers would salivate over.

Just my 2 cents and wishful thinking.
Rick Vugteveen | Image X Media (work) | Blog (personal)

Rick Vugteveen |rickvug.com @rickvug on Twitter

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Be careful with putting so much hope in google analytics. It does have flaws and consistently loses data. Another thing, do you really want google to know that much about you? How much you spend with them, with other ad networks, how much sales you are doing. You know, they are keeping this data for their own good. Want an example? Look at the new feature they put up in adwords to demographically target ads. How do you think they got this data to begin with? They tracked our every move and found out what we were searching for and what sites we visited. From there they could tell what sites to push adwords ads onto. Anyway, google is a great big tool for everything but there are other quality stats out there I think I would trust a bit more. My 2 cents...

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akor’s picture

Thank you guys for your hard work. Thats really great product.

Alexei A. Korolev

posix’s picture

I wonder if it possible to customize this product for fabrics trade. Most of the products present don't suit well for this purpose.

dgtlmoon’s picture

I think you'de have to develop an ecommerce module which would handle the trade-specific attributes of your product, this is what is so great abuot drupal's ecommerce system is that you can create a product-type to suit what you want.

Want something that you can buy in lengths and adjust the price? sure.

Want something that can change its price depending on the day of week? sure.

Want something that can change its price depending on the purchasers history? sure

Want product variations? sure! you just gotta clearly define what you're after and build the module

Contact me if you want something written

posix’s picture

Hi, i'd like to ask - Can I use E-commerce as a main script for an online pharmacy? Is it difficult to do that?

heiNey’s picture

Saw that Fedex was now a feature in this version, but i cannot for the life of me find it anywhere in the package. Am i missing something?

Shipping from multiple distribution centers via Fedex, UPS and USPS

Can someone please tell me how i can integrate fedex shipping into the ecommerce module?

Any info is appreciated...thanks!

eqqy’s picture

I know this application been out for sometime now but I've just came across it recently.
It's nice to see that osCommerce is not my only choice now when developing ecommerce website for my clients.

I'll try it out tonight! Thanks!

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