Fellow drupallers, I'm really proud to introduce our new Drupal shop! Inovae (www.agenceinovae.com/en) was created a couple of weeks ago in Geneva, Switzerland and is now a three man operation formed by Alexis Dufresne aka patchak, a long time Drupal user and enthousiast, Kian Rieben an anthropological analyst of technology, and a hardcore programmer and longtime member of the community, Aron Novak!Inovae was launched and registered in Geneva, Switzerland, but we are happy to work with any client, anywhere!

Inovae is the result of more than 3 years of active Drupal development, in which period Alexis Dufresne created really strong links with the Drupal community and, amongst other great people, Aron Novak, who is now lead developer over at Inovae!

Our services are not only tech-centered services, as we pride ourselves on being strongly rooted in social-sciences and sociological/anthropological thinking. We try to think in a holistic way, to be able to identify issues with the conception, building or deployment of the project not only related to technical aspects, but also related to human aspects as company culture, resistance to change, etc.

The mix between this technical expertise and the more user-oriented approach deeply rooted in social sciences, allows us to build to not only get a perfectly elegant and well assembled Drupal site, but you'll also get our expertise about managing change in your team and identifying needs and requirements that you might not even have a real clear idea about!

Don't worry, we also do smaller website developments, and custom drupal development!

If your needs do not imply some sociological study of the users, don't hesitate to contact us as well! ;). You can check out our portfolio to have an idea of our different services!

Well, I'm really happy about this because I really started with nothing when I first looked at Drupal more than three years ago and now I feel that I've joined an ecosystem in which I really believe and I'm actually pretty proud, to say : yep, we work with Drupal!

Come have a look at our website and of course we would love to have some feedback about it, at www.agenceinovae.com/en!

Thanks for reading and wish us luck!

Alexis « Patchak » Dufresne, for Agence Inovae.


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http://www.agenceinovae.com/en/website-development/intranet-systems -> conseil et d’analyse links to /services which 404's.
Edit: wrong link, fixed it

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Thanks for the tips, the english version of the site was made online yesterday only as the main version is in french! I think I fixed all the links on the home page, thanks again!