Installing, enabling and disabling bundled Features

Last updated on
23 December 2016

Install / enable

Installing ready-made features is as easy as (or even easier than) installing the module:

  1. Find and download the feature. Unzip or untar it if you have to – you should end up with a folder and not a compressed file.
  2. Put the folder in a suitable folder in your Drupal installation. A good choice is sites/all/modules/custom/features, but any sub-folder to sites/all/modules will do.
  3. Go to the features administration page (admin/build/features), check the features you wish to activate and save the settings. Done!

Note: If you are unable to check the box for a feature it is most likely because some of the modules it depends on are missing. Check the unmet dependencies below the feature's title and install the appropriate modules.

Disable a feature

If you need to disable a feature at a future time, you just need to visit the Feature administration page, deselect the appropriate checkbox and hit Save settings.

By design, disabling the feature module is supposed to also disable all the functionality that was defined by it. That is, remove node types that were created by it, etc.

"Silently" disable a feature module (Stub)

Sometimes you want to disable a feature module, but not lose the functionality or configuration that was defined by it.

Features are not designed for this situation.
If you find a way to do this, feel free to share it in a comment :)

Publicly available ready-made features

You can look for and update the list of ready-made features at Directory of Public Feature Servers.