If you didn't make it to Drupalcon - or just want to relive the memories - I made a video log which is now online.

Watch the Drupal video logs

Here is the first video (edit from chx):

And the second:

Some background info:

These interviews took place on the last day of the Open Source Content Management System (OSCMS) Conference held in Vancouver, Canada, between 7th and 9th February 2006.

There are two clips:

In "Getting To Know Drupal" (16 min 28 secs) chief Drupalite Dries Buytaert chats about how Drupal has developed and offers some ideas about its future. He's joined by Drupal developer Jeff Robbins of Lullabot.com.

The second series of interviews (a bit longer) is also from the Vancouver OSCMS (aka Drupalcon) and looks first at different ways that Drupal is being used by a variety of organisations.

Interviewees in order of appearance:

Roland Tanglao of Bryght.com
Jarah Euston of FresnoFamous.com
Michael Myers of NowPublic.com
Robert Douglass, author of Building Online Communities With Drupal, phpBB, and WordPress
Kris Krug of Bryght.com
Kieran Lal of Civicspace
Steven Wittens, core developer at Drupal (talks about improvements in Drupal 4.7)
Chris Johnson, Drupal developer
James Blackwell, Bazaar-NG and Drupal service provider


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Where is the other series of interviews? url?


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As I said in my background article I'm still waiting for Google to "verify" the 2nd video. Just checked again and it's still not verified.

I uploaded it at the same time as the Dries interview, so I'm not sure what the delay is - but I'll post here when it's ready. Thanks for your patience.

www.iofilm.co.uk - Not a Drupal site yet!

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I hate to be a whiner, but google video isn't a great solution for some of the world.

Non standard encoding, and a forced usage of their player.
And of course 'sorry google video isn't available in your country' if we try to use it.

There are better solutions to this...

If bandwidth is an issue, how about a .torrent of the file?


Lawrence / www.shanghaiguide.com

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Or even better, use Dijjer.

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I'm sorry, this comment was replaced.

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Can you please put up a downloadable version of this video? :) Google Video takes ages to stream on slower internet connections.

Kaustubh Srikanth

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I second that. Downloading gets stuck quite often from my connection, so downloadable videos would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Visit the link and click on "download" on the right.

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the download links seeks to force a download of googlevideosetup, not the actual video...


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Hi guys, many thanks for putting together the video logs. Nice idea.

Use this to download Google Video with FF:

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Yeah, so you use the google video setup file, and then you can get the actual video.

Knaddison Family Blog

CARD.com :)

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Thank you for creating the video and I'm looking forward to the other ones you'll be making available.

I enjoyed all the informative and insightful comments that Dries and Jeff made. That there are about 400 developers helping out with Drupal is very positive indeed! The other numbers Dries mentions are equally impressive.

So to Dries and ALL contributors, keep up the great work!

Walt Esquivel, MBA, MA, Captain - U.S. Marine Corps (Veteran)
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Thanks for taking the time to do this guys


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Thanks, It was interesting to watch the videos.

I am just wondering what the opinion of the users (both: admins and visitors) of drupal-based websites is about Drupal and about websites made with it (what a tricky sentence :) ).

One person, that is using a site that was made with Drupal, says that the administration of Drupal is too tricky and inconvenient.

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Without specifics of what they are doing and the types of sites they run can't answer your question. I find the admin in general very nice. If you don't have access to it, you can't usually see it.

Work on standardizing where to find things is ongoing and more configuration settings have been better centralized in 4.7. This is continuation of work that was begun with GUI mockups and discussion in 4.5.

There is the control panel module for those who need pretty eye candy icons and such as well. People can also build their own menu's specific to their sites and groups if they want to as well.

In any case, this is probably not really the thread to discuss it. Feel free to start a new discussion thread in it's own topic.

-Steven Peck
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-Steven Peck
Test site, always start with a test site.
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Thanks for making them. One reason for drupal's success must surely be all the nice people working on the project.

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Awesome! Thanks

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There's quite a few more videos hosted at YouTube now.

More Drupal modules

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Sweet videos. I liked watching them :).