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Storm / Project Management are structured systems for project management, allowing you to manage:

  • Organizations, Teams, People,
  • Projects, Tasks, Tickets, Timetrackings,
  • Notes, Invoices, and Expenses.

Each of these features is managed as a separate module within the suite.

Each module provides permissions to control the sharing of data with other Drupal users, and based on assignment of projects/tasks/tickets to particular users or teams.

All of the above includes support for views and tokens. You can also create and email PDF invoices.

Note that the name has changed to help better describe the project:

  • Storm is the name of the project for Drupal 6.
  • Project Management is the name of the project for Drupal 7 onwards.

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David Latapie’s picture

When I read that Storm has its own Knowledge base, I'm getting very exited. Could it be a wiki+project management à la Trac? What I am looking for is a wiki + project management + forum all in one nice packaging, all for publishing need (no software stuff here).

I presently use a combination of MediaWiki (not perfect but close to), Mantis (too limited) or Project Issue tracker (perfect but doesn't work for Drupal 7) and MyBB (would be perfect if integrated with the rest). Now, Storm is really interesting if it allows me to merge wiki/knowledge base and project management.

Could you clarify differences between Storm and Trac (out of Trac requiring more than LAMP and not being integrated with Drupal of course)?

Thank you.

Francewhoa’s picture

I used both Storm and Trac for years. As Project Manager I found Storm easier to use than Trac. Trac can be intimidating for clients or people without technical knowledge. In other words, if we need a client facing/external tool we prefer Storm. If we need an internal tool the Software Engineers sometime prefer Trac.

Storm includes: Organizations, Teams, People, Projects, Tasks, Tickets, Timetrackings, Notes/Wikis/Knowledge base, Invoices, and Expenses. Also has modules/plug-ins.

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