Hey Drupallers!

I was considering developing a dating site in a drupal platform. I was wondering whether or not this was a viable option... I actually have some questions so if any of you could kindly answer them I would really appreciate it.

1) is there a drupal dating software (not social networking)
2) do you know of any current site up that are based on this software...
3) is it the latest and best software to use, or are there other softwares available which would be better ...

personally I think the www.interracialsingles.net platform (not a fan of the design though) is the best out there..

4) Any Drupal people interested in this project, I have a capacity for moderate funding...

you can reach me at judge71@gmail.com


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Hi judge71, I think that Groups Drupal Dating you may find some interesting infos. IMO with Drupal you are at the most expanding, best, supported CMS application, and Drupal is for Social as also for Dating implementation.


If you look at word and nouns you do not clearly understand
take a look at Common Terminology
if is missing feel free to post a comment - ;-)

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