how can i duplicate a block

can it be done thru the UI, or can i copy the database entry?


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A block is relatively simple (just a few fields and settings). Is there any reason you can't just copy/paste the fields to a new block? If the block is generated by Views, then duplicate the View.

Also see:

-- David
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thats my wet dreams.....hahah hope it works

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Better not touch the db though.
You can create another block and copy it's contents from the original block easier that doing it in the db.

- Alexei Rayu.

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how do i copy the contents of a block??

eg the events.module block?

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Blocks generated by a module (besides Views) I highly doubt you can easily duplicate. This is not "content" you're duplicating the same way as in a Custom block made through the Blocks admin page, but rather those blocks are generated by code within the modules. If you know what you're doing I'd think you could find the related pieces of code in the module and use it to generate another block with similar functionality with a different name. I'm not a programmer though, and wouldn't try that myself. Regarding Event module - I don't use that... I now use its more flexible counterpart: CCK, Views, Date, Calendar. With those, using Views I can make any kind of block I want based on the "date/event" CCK data I've stored.

-- David
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you need a "date/event" CCK data tutorial LOL

how do i start the calendar on weekly view??

and how can i have a user filter on type and terms?? what the best module to generate dropdown menus/filters?

tutorial plse

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The module MultiBlock is able to do that. "MultiBlock module solves this problem by allowing you to create multiple Block Instances of already existing blocks."


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Thanks, this is what I need. Sometimes you'd want to remind those visitors to your websites more than once to do an action displayed on a "special" block. This block is dynamic, with some php logic one, that is really cumbersome to duplicate, not to say to duplicate it several times.