I need help understanding the capabilities of amazon s3. It is a part of my flash video module (drupal 6) download. I understand that it can be used as storage of large files to help with overloading your server or whatever. But would it also solve the problem if your host doesn't provide ffmpeg and you want to host a video sharing community? Would you need to download ffmpeg somewhere or does amazon s3 already provide this? Or am I way off?

Thanks in advance.


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I just found some information on travistidwell.com that is promising....

"amazon EC3 service which can directly accept user uploads-->encode using ffmpeg and the send it to S3 for you to use. You are charged soemthing like .10 cents per hour of dedicated cpu time, very effective for encoding." (I think he/she means EC2)

I will continue researching this because I'm sure there is someone else with the same questions. I would appreciate any additional insights.

This link helped me understand what amazon is:

this explains the setup a little better...but I would like to keep my static site on my current host...i don't know why.

this may help with the static ^^^ but I'm still trying to understnd it:


Yet another great resource:

This site really peaked my excitement because it is drupal based. I feel like I'm getting really close to my answer.:

I just hit the drupal amazon s3 tutorial jackpot!:


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ok I decided to post this in a new box....my plan so far...
Breif background...I built a community on bluehost....I will now like to add some features (video sharing, photo sharing etc) bluehost does not provide ffmpeg and I am affraid of over load soooooo....

My theory:

Host just subdomains (with amazon ec2) of my domain I have hosted at bluehost , follow these instructions.

1) Create the account (with amazon ec2) with the name of the domain I host at bluehost.
**Example** If I me setting up the domain "subdomain.domain.com", sign up my account with the name as "domain.com"
2) In my accounts cpanel (or whatever amazon ec2 uses) create the subdomain I need to host, (ie: "subdomain.domain.com" .)
3) Contact bluehost and have them point the A record for the subdomain to the IP of my amazon ec2 server. This should take somewhere between 24-48 hours to propagate, and my subdomain will be live on amazon ec3. My files can then be stored using amazon s3.

Hmmmm...the good news is with the way amazon is set up I can test this without the costly mistakes I made with cirtex.
Off to test my theory...

I will keep track of my steps here:

I went to amazon and signed up for an account.
I signed up for amazon s3 and amazon cs2
Next I need ssh access and a java environment.

I considered a number of ways to do this....my operating system is windows and i'm wery of using telnet for security reasons so I decided instead to:

Install Wubi. Wubi is just awesome. In their words:

"Wubi is an officially supported Ubuntu installer for Windows users that can bring you to the Linux world with a single click. Wubi allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu as any other Windows application, in a simple and safe way."

Check out wubi at : http://wubi-installer.org/

Ubuntu comes with SSH access.

For Java I used the following steps:

While going through the getting started guide provided by amazon, I came to an error tha I couldn"t figure out how to resolve. so I googled the problem and have been reading extensively. I was somewhat conforted by finding that many were having the sme exact problem as I. That comfort quickly dissolved once I tried the solution that worked for them without the same success. I just had to break from my research to share a exciting link that I just accidently uncovered while looking for information on ubuntu ami......
that one of the articles there's a few more if you fish around with the links an stuff.
Well back to reading I go.....btw Thomas23, it's my pleasure!

Wow! So I was too the point of frustration and came up with a brilliant idea....pose my question on the amazon forum. Within minutes my question was answered. They suggested that I instead use elasticfox to run my instances instead of using the command line tools that amazon suggests...I did a google search and downloaded it...took a few secs. restarted firefox few secs again. And then I was stuck again because there were no instructions! So back to googling I went. I came across a page that looked promising and followed the steps and wow in a couple minutes I had run my instance! Here's the page: http://affy.blogspot.com/2008/07/elasticfox-how-to-ssh-to-amazon-ec2.html
So gotta run...because my instance is running and I think I'm getting charged!

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Refer to post for reference: http://drupal.org/node/281427#comment-966832

Why did you choose EC2 over other Amazon services?

Whenever you use "ec3" I assume you mean EC2. There's no such thing as EC3.

You first mentioned you created an account with EC2, then later you mention you also "signed up for amazon s3 and amazon cs2." Were those necessary as well and what for?

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Been away for a while...I have ec2 and s3 set up...I had a hard time with etting it to work and figured out the problem only after I returned to windows I will put step by step I I got it set up soon. As of right now I am stuck on my gallery 2 install and figuring out why my videos aren't uploding in flashmedia...and then I'm done! and will be back then.

All the best

"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them." -

-- Galileo Galilei

lfhub.com is the community I am building now..I wish to learn programing..any mentors out there?

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thanks for putting all this info together!