Hi everyone.

I need some help with this, if possible. If I'm posting in the wrong forum, please let me know.

When I upload files to my site (via the regular File Upload box) when writing stories / my own content type, I get an HTTP Error 0.

This started happening all of a sudden, and I've got no idea what caused it. I've uploaded files before with no issue, but I can't seem to upload them any more.

The specific error I get is:

An HTTP error 0 occurred.

So it looks like there's an error with the Upload module or something.

Any ideas?
Again, I'll gladly post this somewhere else if this is in the wrong section. Please let me know, as I've got no idea what the heck caused this.


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I have the same problem. For me it also started suddenly - I had uploaded one pdf file, and when I tried to upload the next to the same node, I got this error.

The problem is also discussed here: http://drupal.org/node/226653

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I solved this by enabling Write access to both the /tmp directory and the sites/default/files directories.

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Skipsey is right and you need existance of drupal file system dir with write permission on them....



check if path entered here exists an directory writable..

-Inder Singh

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chmod 775 and nothin. even tried 777 just incase!

also, I tried replacing sites/default/misc/jquery.forms.js according to http://drupal.org/node/226653#comment-2116878 and still i'm getting that error :(

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I installed the jquery update module and bam, fixed.

make sure you have write perms to the image tmp and store paths found here:

and install the jquery update from:

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Everything was working before

And I even had jquery update module installed before i got this upload problem because i needed if for the Dynamic Display Block module. Permissions are set correctly as well. The filefield module is not in use at all, so no need for using the patch mentioned in the first comment.

The weird thing is, I have checked my upload folder via FTP and the images got uploaded correctly. And they got even added to the file database table. But the images dont get attached to the node. Btw. the same problem with the WebFM module....

Does someone has another suggestion how to fix it?

Thank you in advance


It the uload error was caused by the SmarterFox extension for Firefox :/

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I am using Opera 10.01 and this error occurs ( An HTTP error 0 occurred. ) . IE 6, Firefox 3.5.5, K-Meleon 1.53, Chrome 4.0 beta (for Windows and running in Windows XP SP3) has no error.

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I was reading through everyone's posts and found many similarities. I tried the jquery_update without any luck, clearing my cache. I finally disabled and re-enabled all of the modules that I had, which is a solution that someone else had suggested. However, that only seemed to make the upload work in IE7.
My last resort was to increase the memory, post and file upload values in PHP
My current settings are:
Memory limit - 128M
Max file upload size - 24M
Max HTTP Post size - 32M

I updated php.ini, restarted Apache and retried the upload.
Uploads are now working using the upload utility and the filefield from CCK in both IE and FireFox

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This may be reason in many case. Configure php.ini file to extend memory limit. I experience this on hostgator share hosting.

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This helped me: http://www.webnewcastle.com/trackback/113

I had my base url set to www.mysite.com(settings.php) while rewrite(htaccess) was directing to mysite.com - commenting out(/*) base url(settings.php) fixed not only the http error but also a JSON freak out in views. I tried just removing www but I still got HTTP Error and Views JSON crazy. So I went with commenting it out.

Hope this helps.

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It seems that Theme developer can cause this error.

Disabling Theme developer did it for me. It might have something to do with jQuery element selection since Theme developer injects a lot of <span>s in your source XHTML.

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Disabling Theme developper did the trick. Images now upload without problem. Joy !

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After trying many suggestions, replace code, update jQuery Plugins,... It seems to some browser like IE, Firefox, Chrome are OK, but Opera. I don't think this is Opera's bug.

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An HTTP error 0 occurred.

I recently had the above issue with a client. He was the only one having an issue with this particular problem and only on Firefox. Nobody else seemed to have the issue, we upgraded the browser, cleared the cache, cleared cookies and nothing seemed to work. A complete reinstall of Firefox (which included blowing out the 2 directories below) solved our particular problem. I would try this solution before trying many of the other solutions posted here.

c:\documents and settings\user\local settings\application data
c:\documents and settings\user\application data

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Congratulation~! you have arrived the most difficult part of drupal : the Http error 0 occur !!
Thousand of post going on for this error and it caused by hundreds of reason! The developer just simply hide them all in one 0!
Hopefully you don't need to spend 3650hrs on this problem.
I have working on it for 100hrs and now all browser are working except chrome...And I will give up chrome..advise the user to change the broswer because of this -the happiest part of drupal : upload a file!

Here are the some of the fix, make sure you have tried every one of them, enjoy:


Enable/disable Greasemonkey
Set higher Memory limit in php.ini
Enable/disable PECL upload progress

Downgrade filefield module from alpha3 to alpha2
use imagemagick instead of gd image toolkit
Try other browser
Disable advanaced poll or replace the jquery.form.js inside
Disable smarterfox in FF
Disable Devel
Disable Theme developer module
Try install jquery update

Check of durpal got the permission to write in the tmp folder and file folder. (u can check it in admin>file system)

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I tried all methods described by cecshab, but nothing helps.

The root of the evil was "Component returned failure code: 0x805e000a [nsIDOMHTMLFormElement.submit]".

Deep reseach leads me to the form.submit() inside jquery.form.js file. An exception message means JavaScript CANNOT send the form - something blocks it. I perform the following:

  • disable AdBlock in FF
  • add my site into the trusted group: Instuments => Options => Content => Block Popups

And the problem "HTTP Error 0" disappear!

Further, I change the name of my content type - it was called "adv" =)

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I'm using FireFox 3.6.3 and the Linkification plugin (vers. 1.3.8) caused the problem in my case.

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Experienced this problem in the Chrome browser. Eventually I found that the extension EzLinkPreview was causing the problem. Disabling the extension fixed the problem.

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After an hour of struggling with this issue, I've solved it. Tweaking your php.ini values is not enough. You also need to tweak your HTTP server settings - Nginx in my case. This is what I have in my php.ini:

memory_limit = 96M
post_max_size = 64M
upload_max_filesize = 64M

And this is what I added to my nginx.conf:

client_max_body_size 64M;
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I've just had the issue on a shared hosting. It would not upload files larger than ~1MB. The hosting had PHP memory limit of 10MB.

Same website migrated to my own dedicated server with generous server settings has just let me upload a ~3MB image with no error.

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I found this solution on a non drupal page. It solved the problem for me, so I copy it below. It is related to memory limit when you are using imagecache to process images.

Quite a lot of people meet the issue like 'HTTP error 0 occurred' in Drupal when they work with large file or image. And unfortunately, today I meet the same issue today. After some investigation, the issue is gone after increase "memory_limit" in php.ini.

"memory_limit" is directive of maximum amount of memory a php script may consume. The default value in php.ini is 64M in my case. For my Drupal site, I have enabled ImageCache module, when I upload an image with 2M, system will need around 128MB to scale the image to what I need. This is the major reason it's failed. As some of my image go to 4MB, I decide to increase my "memory_limit" to 256MB.

Hopeful, this is helpful for you.

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I had the same issue after upgrading jquery manually. After downgrading jquery from 1.4.2 to 1.3.2 in /sites/all/modules/jquery_update/replace everything worked fine again.

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I've tried all the hints here (different browsers, jquery_update, checked referenced modules), except memory_limit. I use shared server, so I have no control over it, it is set to 128MB and the zip file I fail to upload is just <400 KB). Smaller files (<100KB) can be uploaded fine, but with the real file chrome displays that 36 or 42% is uploaded (sometimes one, sometimes other number) and then gives this error. Upload worked about a month ago, also with over 10MB files, but now I'm totally stuck :(

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I was able to sit with the client, and we got a 29Mb file to upload, but as soon as we hit 30Mb, it sent the error.

Turns out . . . there is a server directive that overrides the Drupal maximum file size settings, AND the PHP maximum file upload settings on the php.ini file.

Specifically, you have some pre-IIS 7 and post-IIS 7 instructions on this page:


I logged into the server, found the "Request filtering" section, changed the setting from 30Mb to 200Mb (all that my client would need), rebooted the server, and it has worked ever since. It will upload a 197Mb file, but not a 206Mb file . . . .

Hope that helps.

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I resolved this issue by commenting out the following in the settings.php file...

#  $base_url = 'http://www.mysite.com';  // NO trailing slash!

Also if you comment that out it is helpful to uncomment and change the cookie setting in the settings.php file as well

$cookie_domain = '.mysite.com';
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Was the base url commented out originally or had you set the base URL?

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I was having the same issue related to this kind of efforts.

I think this issue will be resolved as per the convenient part apart from the JS call.
for filefield/ahah/video/field_op_video_thumbnail/0

As it is the issue of js so,configure Jquery can be called twice.

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Same Issue here.

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FileField 6.x-3.9 (the latest nowadays) considers it and fixes it for most used browsers: IE6&7&8, Firefox3&4, Chrome, Opera, etc


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I looked at a ton of forum posts around this issue. Lots recommended various things, but nothing fixed my issue.

Here is what fixed my issue, in case it helps you:

Try to take a look at the "page" that is shown in the error. In your case it is "/filefield/ahah/video/field_video/0"
and in my case it was "/poll/1"

Mine was a JSON document, but inside the document I could see a PHP warning and some garbled text with question marks (characters that could not be displayed). The first thing to do here, so that the JSON can validate is turn off PHP warnings. You can do this by placing:
at the top of your /sites/default/settings.php

This turns off all errors / warnings and is probably a good idea on a production system.


The garbled characters are also an issue with JSON encoding, but the problem, is these were not in my json response, they had been inserted into my index.php file. Not sure how that happened, except that this project had been on the client's insecure servers for a while before moving to our secured servers, so I traced it back to before that switchover. I removed all of this nonsense code (you will recognize it as gibberish javascript) and bingo, Drupal is back up and running. Check your index.php first, and then maybe look into other files. You can look at any page on your site and scroll through it and you should see the gibberish there as well. Get that out of there!

Good luck

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For my situation this error is caused by a limitation set by Modsecurity.

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We have been dealing with the issue of FileField not allowing us to upload more than 1MB files and giving us a "HTTP error 0 occurred" message for several months, despite upping the servers upload limit and several other tweaks.

We finally reached a SOLUTION yesterday after 40+ hours of troubleshooting. We are on a MediaTemple Dedicated Virtual Server running Drupal 6.26.

We tried the following edits to the php.ini file:
upload_max_filesize = 64M
post_max_size = 32M
memory_limit = 32M
max_execution_time = 300

That didn't work.

We tried implemented several patches from posts on Drupal.org. None of them worked for us.

And finally the SOLUTION for us was to update to the newest jquery.form.js file (released on 11/20/12) in one of the following directories:


or if you have the JQuery Update module installed:


The newest version can be found at:

Hope this helps!

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I just ran into a similar issue on a local dev site after updating core from 7.39 to 7.42. That update went fine.

What didn't then, was attempting to update modules via the GUI. That's when I would get HTTP error 0. Tried clearing the cache, running update.php, checking the file path, all OK. The site status report also checked out. Granted, I still could update modules via Drush, so things looked OK.

On a hunch, I changed the version of PHP the dev environment was set to from 5.6.7 to 5.5.23, and things were OK.

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  • System: Drupal 7.50
  • Problem: I was not able to update any modules via internal update function because of HTTP error 0
  • Solution: None of the solutions above worked for me and it took me a couple of days to find this thread that solved the problem.
    I logged into my shared host configuration interface and changed PHP version from 5.6 to 5.5 which made the updates work. Thanks to karolus.
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I too found that a change of PHP version solved the problem.

I updated my server and changed the version of PHP for a site to 5.6 which prevented uploading of modules from DO. Changing back to 5.5 and uploading works. Will investigate further.

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Did you figure this out? I was trying to upgrade to PHP 5.6 also and same problem. I had to revert to 5.5.

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Same here, had to downgarde from php 5.6 to an older version to fix this problem.