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This documentation and it's child pages describe the latest stable D7 version of the Flickr module.

The Flickr module embeds single images and videos, custom composed thumb albums of them, Flickr slideshows and sets hosted on with links to the corresponding Flickr pages.




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Advantages of using Flickr instead of self hosting images

  1. Loading a page with content from two different servers (yours and Flickr's) enhances site performance.
  2. Using less resources on your own server. Many hosting accounts are limited on memory space or number of files. Flickr gives you one terabyte for free.
  3. A huge amount of high quality images is available under Creative Commons License on Flickr intended to use for free. These photographers want their work to be shared. Use the Flickr Advanced Search to find them. The module can take care of giving the right attribution (provided you choose to show license info in the settings). You are encouraged to use the default setting to display also the photographer's name in the caption that links to their user profile besides the link to the Flickr photo page itself.
  4. Less copyright issues. There is no copy of the Flickr images on your server, essential for liability (see Wikipedia). Nonetheless do not abuse. Respect the Flickr Community Guidelines. Avoid images that don't have a Creative Commons license unless you made them yourself. Make sure you (the website builder) can be contacted through your site and remove images if requested.
  5. Better coverage of your photographic work by copyright. Being posted on Flickr with a timestamp that you can not mess with, is a strong proof the photo is yours. Make sure you always upload images on the web with a slightly smaller resolution than the original. Being the only person having the highest resolution copy is the best proof a photo is really yours.
  6. Better exposure of your photos on the web. Besides being on a high profile site increases the possibility to be found, Flickr has it's own search as well. Link your profile to your website and you have another way to attract visitors.
  7. No need to engineer a system of advanced media management (photos/videos, dragNdrop multiple upload, geotagging, albums, smartphone app integration, use of exif data, etc.).
  8. Flickr offers some advanced features like manual geotagging with automatic geocoding from GPS coordinates to location names. Visitors can click on a location name under the images on your site to see the photos positioned on a map on Flickr.
  9. Flickr is already integrated in many mobile apps. Upload once, send to any device.
  10. All photos added with the Flickr module will also work on your development machine. No need to sync your local files folder with the production site with the risk of broken image URLs.
  11. Potential site users might have already images on Flickr. Save them the hassle of uploading them again.
  12. Site editors might be already familiar with Flickr's interface.


The size parameter can be one of the following:

Suffix: Label: Size in pixel:
s Square
small square 75x75
t Thumbnail 100 on longest side
q Large Square big square 150x150
m Small 240 on longest side
n Small 320 320 on longest side
- Medium 500 on longest side
z Medium 640 640 on longest side
c Medium 800 800 on longest side
b Large 1024 on longest side
h Large 1600 1600 on longest side
k Large 2048 2048 on longest side
o Original original image, either a jpg, gif or png, depending on source format
x Slideshow Full featured responsive slideshow (for group, set and user IDs only)
y Basic slideshow Basic responsive slideshow (for set and user IDs only)

For square images ('s': 75px and 'q': 150px) no real width needs to be fetched, giving it a performance advantage over other sizes. Recommended if you include many images.

TAKE CARE, the c (800px) size is missing on Flickr images uploaded before March 1, 2012. Check if it exists on the Flickr photo page > Actions > View all sizes.

Embedded Flickr images have a maximum width of the region they are in. This means they adapt to it if they are bigger (responsive). You can use this on purpose to "fill up" e.g. the side bar.

Video support

A video in an album of thumbnails shows as a still image, but can be played when opened in Colorbox with the option to show in fullscreen mode. Make sure that 'Enable Colorbox inline' is selected at admin/config/media/colorbox.

Alternatively, to 'play' the videos embedded on a site:

  • Put the videos (one or more) you want to display together in a set.
  • Show the set in the node body, a block or a Flickr field using the size x for a slideshow or y for the basic version.


Flickr images and slideshows can be displayed:

Furthermore there are some helper modules to deal with styling, cache warming, Flickr sets and tags.

Flickr Filter

A text filter to embed single Flickr images, custom composed thumb albums of them, sets, user/group photostreams, galleries and user favorites in the node body using the Flickr ID and optionally other parameters like tags to filter on. Sets and user/group photostreams can be shown as a Flickr provided slideshow.
The text filter can also be used when creating new blocks, besides the ones offered by the Flickr Block module.

Flickr Block

Flickr images and slideshows in blocks to show for example recent or random images for a specific user, set or group.

  • Configure the size, media type (photo/video) and number of images to show.
  • A vocabulary can be specified to make the shown photos being filtered by Flickr tags identical to the node terms of the page the block is shown on. The block content will be context sensitive and change per page.
  • The user blocks will additionally grab photos from the node author's Flickr account. Adding photos to a post was never easier. A blog post about the trip to Venice, just tagged with 'venice' has all the author's Venice photos from Flickr displayed in an accompanying block automatically.
  • With visibility by role or path.
  • Blocks can be placed in any theme region.
  • Photo width will be limited to the region content width, avoiding overflow. It allows to match the block width exactly, being perfectly centered, by using a photo size one step larger than the block.
  • A location or geofield can be specified to show photos near the node the block is shown on. The block content will be context sensitive and change per page.
  • A date field can be specified to show photos taken in the period of the node the block is shown on. The block content will be context sensitive and change per page.

Flickr Field

Single Flickr images and sets as fields:

  • can be added to entities, usually nodes
  • have several formatting options, for example various sizes
  • can be queried with the Views module
  • sets can be formatted to show as a slideshow.

Flickr Sets

To show multiple Flickr images of a set in Flickr Field of Flickr Filter.

Flickr Style

Extra configuration options: Rounded corners, shadow, border, emphasize on hover.

Flickr Cache Warmer

Enhances the performance by rebuilding the page cache after cron runs for selected content types.

Flickr Tags

  • Returns a given user's tags cloud at flickr/%user/tags/cloud.
  • Returns a given user's tags in a list at flickr/%user/tags/list.
  • Returns a user's photos with given tags at flickr/%user/tags/%.

Developer info

See How embedded Flickr images and albums are constructed. What Flickr API requests are used.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


ZaDeveloper’s picture

I wish to know if it is possible using Flickr Filter to
# display a list of thumbnails of all the Albums i(or any user id) have created in flickr.
# On clicking on any of the thumbnail a slideshow of all photos in the album be displayed using colorbox/lightbox2

lolandese’s picture

I don't get notified of comments here. Only comment here if you have suggestion on how to modify the documentation. For other matters check for existing issues and open one if not found, in this case a 'support request'. That way I will know about it right away.

To answer your questions:

a list of thumbnails of all the Albums i(or any user id) have created in flickr.

Not with Flickr Filter. Find an example at Don't forget to give your users the right permissions.

On clicking on any of the thumbnail a slideshow of all photos in the album be displayed using colorbox/lightbox2

Yes. See example. BTW the video isn't working there. Feel free to open an issue on that.