Back in November of 2011, I appointed Greg Knaddison to lead the Drupal Security Team, for a term of two years. In that time, Greg has done a tremendous job helping the Security Team scale. November 2013 ends the term that Greg and I agreed to, Greg is now stepping down as team lead.

I'm pleased to share that Michael Hess (mlhess on has accepted my invitation to become the new Security Team lead. For those who don't know Michael, he is an adjunct lecturer and a Solution Architect Lead at the University of Michigan. He teaches courses on content management platforms, particularly focusing on Drupal, oversees the functionality of several campus websites, and serves in a consulting and development role for other departments within the University of Michigan. He has been a member of the Drupal Security Team for 3 years and a member of the infrastructure team for 2 year.

As the Drupal Security Team lead, Michael will be the point person for the team. He'll be responsible for coordinating the Security Team's activities and for making decisions when consensus doesn't arise. Michael wants to move the team into more of an advisory and preemptive role, rather than a response function. In addition, he wants to continue to scale the security team (e.g. by working on building better and more automated tools, providing better metrics, etc).

Please join me in thanking Greg for all the great work he has done over the past two years, and in welcoming Michael as the new team lead!


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Congratulations Michael.

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Congratulations, Michael. I'm really looking forward to the improvements you will bring (and not just because it means the responsibility is off me!) :)

-- :)

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Thanks Greg for all your work and help!

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Greg, Thank you so much for your great work and consistent contribution to the team for the last two years.
Congratulations Michael!

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Best of luck!

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also looking forward to seeing Michael's leadership

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Congrats Michael! :)

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Congrats michael for the position.

Thanks greg for your work!

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Congrats Michael and thanks Greg for your good work.

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Thanks Greg and your team also congratulations Michael, I hope you enjoy your new role.

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Greg, Thank You!
Michael, Welcome!

And Dries, Thank You!

Keep Drupaling!!! :-)

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Thanks for all your hard work Greg.

And welcome Michael!

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Congratulations. I wish you long life and a refreshing experience in the years ahead.

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At first I am wishing a very happy new year to Drupal community.Hope that Michael will be leading drupal in new way! and Thanks Greg for your great contribution.


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Greg, thank you for your time and effort.

Welcome, and good luck to Michael.

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Congrts Michael