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MD5: 63d28860718d212d0b68d7c1a199590e
SHA-1: 39e25e68c70b33429f427b2626771da3f63e0d01
SHA-256: 37bfea1d918e84a5cfafde7124d667fdd16a0cd29b5dcaea9a84ce941fdb203e
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MD5: d65ffa294c122e029d328a4206ae0be8
SHA-1: 227bb15441df3d96e495d2fba60aa3ab3a5baa15
SHA-256: a72c3eb928d9705b9838f2d63f3ba923fedef2117925a6b586baeff5a55d16e1

Release info

Created by: rszrama
Created on: 6 Dec 2013 at 05:56 UTC
Last updated: 15 Dec 2014 at 14:28 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes, New features

Release notes

This new beta release includes a variety of key new features: Address Field Tokens, per-address component Views field definitions, correct autocomplete element names, a Migrate handler, and more. A key bug was fixed, too, in that whether a name is entered via first and last name fields or the single name line field, all of the name columns will be populated.

I was hoping to also include the patches for configurable empty value support and for a new address field form element type, but ultimately they were dragging a release out longer than needed. The bug fix and new features were worth distributing sooner rather than later, thus a beta5.

There is at least one contributed module adding Address Field tokens, and the approach of the patch in this release is to be compatible with the existing module while still attempting to replace its implementation. Users are encouraged to switch and to open feature requests for tokens and other settings found in other modules that may better be placed in this module.

Please note that while I didn't include many address format updates in this release, I will be tackling those as soon as the two previously mentioned features are implemented. Then this module will more or less be ready for a 1.0.

Changes since 7.x-1.0-beta4 (15 commits):

  • #1951984 by rszrama: trim whitespace from addressfield components and convert double spaces to single spaces in hook_field_presave().
  • #2119177 by mjcarter: change the Nelson City administrative area for New Zealand to Nelson.
  • #1659066 by malovanets, dwkitchen, rszrama: populate the name line or the first and last name fields based on data from the alternate components during field presave.
  • #7383588 by rszrama, bojanz, enekochan, camidoo, mcarbone, WorldFallz, jenlampton, inolen: extend the Token module's field token implementation with a custom Address Field implementation and helper tokens.
  • #1323666 by neochief: use standard autocomplete / x-autocomplete attributes for address field form elements to facilitate full browser autocomplete functionality.
  • #1812080 by goron: do not use size = 0 for select list form elements in an address field widget.
  • #2083745 by rudiedirkx: support more than just SQL storage for the country filter handler.
  • #1426104 by hass: use a more appropriate translation context for State.
  • #991834 by krlucas, bdone, hass, pounard, colan, Sheldon Rampton, Hydra, mikeytown2: add address field component Views field handlers so the individual parts of an address field may be displayed separately in a View.
  • #2013543 by xatoo: add a Migrate handler for better addressfield migration support.
  • #2013675 by rszrama: ensure building an address field form does not generate notices when an incomplete default value array is given.
  • #1997572 by rszrama: prevent notices on address rendering when an address element key is missing.
  • #1998018 by kadimi: use more specific RTL CSS selectors.
  • #973056 follow-up by rszrama: only show the Neighborhood textfield for Brazilian addresses.
  • #973056 by Mac_Weber, recidive, rfsbsb, barraponto: improve support for Brazilian addresses.


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