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MD5: e7de90926df789fb86e09ade32acbc96
SHA-1: cb5d457bf9536a19800ad812ee8ef6f569b03177
SHA-256: e6fa9f80a9b2c48085f83036f64f9cc232d7bf56c43cf1ff95f1fc0c27bb2229
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MD5: 402e2d800d5b4555fdb17df0acf81ac9
SHA-1: 67480b71ab5773c6121670aa1318d6178e23f51f
SHA-256: 3247a7d2aa43726c61377d44a663ee3801e488c1f90be22ad26210f4359a471e

Release info

Created by: pwolanin
Created on: April 10, 2013 - 22:05
Last updated: December 2, 2015 - 19:55
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-1.1:

  • #1314664 by pwolanin: Fix for Search pages custom pages don't use %value in title.
  • #1966044 by pwolanin: Fix for Local params in search box unexpectedly affect Solr query parsing.
  • #1950426 by mkalkbrenner: Fixed ERROR: multiple values encountered for non multiValued field.
  • #1954302 by mkalkbrenner: Added Isolate some re-usable code from apachesolr_index_entity_to_documents().
  • #1953976 by mkalkbrenner | j0rd: Fixed avoid use variable_set() in anything related to indexing content (because of performance).
  • #1966488 by Nick_vh, pwolanin: Fix and tests for apachesolr_index_add_tags_to_document not getting the correct body text.
  • #1957070 by Nick_vh | Routh: Fixed Solr search index will be rebuilt. message appears at the top of every view. (Even when index has been completely rebuilt.).
  • #1249616 by agentrickard, pwolanin, Nick_vh | R.Muilwijk: Fixed Apachesolr access makes assumptions that don't apply to modules like Domain Access.
  • #1926896 by mkalkbrenner: Fixed missing highlighted snippets.
  • #1927032 by mkalkbrenner: Fixed Avoid spaces between words and punctution marks in search result snippets.
  • #1915614 by mkalkbrenner, Nick_vh: Added Complete admin settings for non-default environments.
  • #1918012 by mkalkbrenner, Nick_vh, pwolanin: Added Solr query needs to be aware of more context such as Search Page ID.
  • #1896470 by Nick_vh, mkalkbrenner: Fixed Integrate Apache Solr Common Configurations for Solr 3.x and 4.x (Highlighting broken).
  • #1918030 by mkalkbrenner, pwolanin: Allow contrib modules to add custom settings to search pages.
  • #1918566 by mkalkbrenner: Added Devel integration: debug index documents on all environments / indexes.
  • #1915418 by mkalkbrenner, Nick_vh: Fixed Unable to index a node bundle in a dedicated index / environment.
  • Revert "Issue #1917400 by mkalkbrenner: Fixed avoid multiple identical values in multi value fields."
  • #1917400 by mkalkbrenner: Fixed avoid multiple identical values in multi value fields.
  • #1900036 by remimikalsen, swentel | albert78: Fixed node reference with multiple values.
  • #1900006 by Nick_vh | msellers: Fixed Undefined variable causes warning on node type uninstall.
  • #1874420 by Nick_vh, j0rd | dirtabulous: Fixed Solr4 Entites Not Being Removed with deleteByQuery.
  • #1871866 by Nick_vh, grom358: Fixed Type bias for all entities.
  • #1861544 by fizk: Fixed Incorrect use of $field_map() in SolrBaseQuery::getSolrsortUrlQuery.
  • #1897556 by Nick_vh: Update documentation for all the functions and make sure it reflects reality. Part-1
  • #1836262 by ianmthomasuk, Nick_vh: Added Allow indexing of a set number of items using drush.
  • #1898166 by Nick_vh: Fixed Make better use of the entity cache.
  • #1835208 by grobot | webmaster-eddie: Fixed Fatal error on DB update - undefined function apachesolr_load_all_environments().
  • #1896470 by Nick_vh: Added Integrate Apache Solr Common Configurations for Solr 3.x and 4.x.
  • #1868870 by cpliakas | Nick_vh: Revert changes to interface cause fatal errors for modules that implement the interface.
  • #1803512 by David_Rothstein | amanire: Fixed The OR operator returns no results for facets with colons in the value (such as entity reference facets).
  • #1679392 by David_Rothstein, brianV: Move logic from apachesolr_default_node_facet_info() into a separate function so other modules can use it for non-node entities.
  • #1814080 by Nick_vh, JordanMagnuson: Fixed Apachesolr sort block fills cache_block() table without stopping.
  • #1550964 by Nick_vh, drzraf, rajivk, rjbrown99, j0rd | tinflute: Support Solr 4.0 schema.
  • #1840430 by Nick_vh: Fixed add alter callbacks from facetapi to the mappings array.
  • #1827320 by drumm: Fixed Upgrading from 6.x-3.x does not need apachesolr_update_7000-15.
  • #1828040 by david.gil, Nick_vh: Fixed Cannot access empty property in query_type_numeric_range().inc on line 77.
  • #1828014 by DeFr, Nick_vh: Fixed Mass re-indexation can miss (a lot of) content.
  • #1823590 by Nick_vh, Josh Waihi: Added Tag Apachesolr index table select queries to allow other modules to alter them.
  • #1825840 by firebird: Fixed Typo in menu description.