One of the most awesome benefits of adding vertical tabs in Drupal 7 was the javascript that allowed people to see what the current values were without having to pop-open the fieldsets. This benefit has been lost by moving the tabs to the right hand column.

I did a little research into the development of this new display of vertical tabs, and it looks like the current values are supposed to be present - at least according to the screenshots shown in this issue - the one that got committed.

Perhaps they were forgotten, or removed later for some other reason?

Proposed resolution

Put back the awesomeness that was vertical tabs - javascript revealing current values from within fieldsets.

Remaining tasks

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User interface changes

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API changes


#1936700: Book module usability improvements


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fixed img tag: srtc=" -> src="

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Not sure why that doesn't work. Here's the link to the image:

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still trying to fix img tag

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This appears to still be the case in 8.0.x dev, and seems like a real shame. What was apparently intended, as Jen points out and as is shown in the image, would make a lot of sense, and not having that information definitely seems like a usability regression.

The span meant for this information, with the class "summary," is empty. For instance, here's the code for the Menu Settings tab:

<details id="edit-menu" class="menu-link-form form-wrapper collapse-processed">
  <summary aria-expanded="" aria-controls="edit-menu" role="button">
    <a class="details-title" href="#edit-menu">
      <span class="details-summary-prefix visually-hidden">Show</span>
      Menu settings
  <span class="summary"></span>
<div class="details-wrapper">

The span with class "summary" is also being hidden with CSS:

.entity-meta details .summary {
  display: none;

The CSS comes from the last definition in entity-meta.css (in core/themes/seven/css/components) and has the comment "Hide JS summaries. @todo Rethink summaries." That was originally written in the patch from #1838114-23: Change node form’s vertical tabs into details elements (subsequently worked on and committed in #1838114-81: Change node form’s vertical tabs into details elements). It's not clear to me reading that issue why the summaries weren't working, but presumably the fact that they're empty is why they're being hidden.

If someone else is more familiar with that history, maybe they could suggest what/how we should rethink those summaries, because it'd be great to get them working again.

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Thanks for the investigations. Seems like a bug at this point as it would be a usability regression to not bring summaries back.

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I've been taking a look at this and trying to see if I can find a working example. I've gone as far back as D8 Alpha 2 and it's not in there.

Seems that these threads are relevant: - See patch on comment #6 as it seems to have some reference to it. - Talks about re-writing the JS behaviours relevant to this

Anyway having delved into the current beta1 code I see that there is what looks like references to creating summary info within this file, but I couldn't decipher exactly how it was supposed to work (bit over my head),:

Anyway I've added a bit of jQuery (see patch) which provides this basic functionality and could potentially be used as a basis. It's rather messy at the moment with inline CSS, and no translation options etc, but I didn't want to spend too much time at this stage without getting some input on whether this is a viable/good way to approach this (I suspect this could be done in a better way).

PS I see that this is logged under Component 'Seven Theme' although all I found Seven Theme was doing is creating the Summary bit that appears at the top of the Tabs where the Published, last saved, author and revision info is showing)

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This is not a Seven issue

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Not really novice, but let's see if someone is up for something a little challenging.

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Also patch in #4 needs quite a bit of work.

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Yeah that patch needs a lot of work, but if you think achieving this with JS is fine I'll have a tinker.