Last updated 3 October 2015.

We want to radically improve our content creation and sitebuilder tools for Drupal 8, we have laid out a UX strategy . Below we have outlined the most important topics we want to improve in Drupal 8.

How can you help out?

For most of this to happen, we need your help!


Content creation

Node/add page improvements
The content creation experience is at the center of Drupal, its one of those screens that we want to keep improving. For Drupal 8 we want to drastically improve the design of the content creation page. We have done research and now in the process of brainstorming ideas.

Content listing
The current content listing is very basic and often isn't very useful for content creators. We intend to iteratively improve this page and add features such as searching.

A WYSIWYG editor has been the number one requested feature for Drupal core in the past few years. We are currently working towards a candidate in a sandbox project.


Site builder

Contextual blocks that can be rearranged and organized into flexible layouts through a drag and drop interface. This initiative needs major involvement of contributors both in terms of design as development to redesign the way we currently handle blocks. We currently are still researching how to make this all happen.

Field UI
The Field UI has fundamental issues that cannot be solved by tweaking the existing interface. This needs a major overhaul along the lines of form builder field UI, which will tie in heavily with the layout/context initiative.

  • Technical prototyping is happening in a sandbox of swentel.
  • Accessibility review and development, to make this interface truly accessible.

Menu UI
The Ui while managing menu items in drupal is not very comfortable to use once you have say 300 items in a list. It becomes a tough job to manage when you have multiple level of menu items and you really want to re-organise them or say bulk edit them.

Extending Drupal
Extending Drupal core is a hard task, users struggle to understand that you can extend Drupal and than how to find and install the right project.

Design Drupal 8's UX for devices with small screens and touch screens.

Focused install profile
Drupal core lacks focus in any of its core install profiles. The Snowman initiative plans to change this and provide a profile focussed on building a small community website.

  • Research and discuss usecases for snowman.



Research activities
We have done a lot of research this cycle, to understand the problems that users run into and how our new improvements perform.

Growing the UX-Team
The UX-team is very small and we want to educate more developers and engage more designers.

  • Feedback sessions for initiatives
  • Bi-weekly UX meetings in #drupal-usability in IRC on Mondays at UTC 8PM (4PM EST)
  • Close collaborations with designers, researchers and developers on (contrib) projects.
  • Drupal event sessions on Drupal 8UX, pattern library, user experience and design in opensource

Building a pattern library
We are in the process of building a pattern library, which will contain the majority of standardized UI patterns within Drupal Core. The goal is to improve this library further, add missing patterns and add useful tutorials to make your contrib project more usable. UX improvements


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hey there,

I have a couple of suggestions (good ones, I think) which dont' fit those categories. I'm pretty sure they're a matter of UX, though.

how can I voice my concerns in a helpful manner?

also I tried to install D8 on my server so as to get a feel of how it's looking, but that didn't work - got WSOD right off the bat. should I wait around for a more stable version?



"There is no off position on the genius switch."
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One of the biggest headaches when posting to a large site is the length and complexity of the drop-down selector in the Menu Settings section. As Drupal becomes used by a widening constituency of social media and communities, this problem will only get worse.

Accepting that global admins need access to the entire menu structure, other users do not.

It would be very helpful if both of the following could be implemented:

1) user class permissions to permit posting to specified menus and submenus


2) individual user permissions to permit posting within the class permission (default) or to specified menus and submenus.

Only the permitted menus should show in the drop-down.

For example: on a site, we have several dozen classes of membership, each of which we wish to restrict to posting within a specific top-level menu. Within each class, we have many individual users which we wish to restrict to their own "personal areas" which themselves have multiple sub-menus.

The Drop Down selector has become impossible to navigate (it was never easy anyway).

Can this be done within Core Permissions?


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Hi everyone,

I have been working on a module to improve the UX experience for content editors.

Would be great to collaborate with community from development and UX perspectives.

The module works on D7 at this time, I would ideally like to use this module as a learning step before developing a Drupal 8 version of the module.

Is this right place to discuss?

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We have just released which might help with what you wish to do:

Define and expose self-contained UI patterns as Drupal plugins and use them seamlessly in your panels, field groups or Display Suite view modes.

Also, the module generates for you a pattern library page to be used as documentation for content editors or as a showcase for business and/or clients (see screenshot).

Antonio De Marco