Can anyone help me? I want to install drupal in my local computer. From internet I have know that it is easy to install drupal by Acquia. But when I have gone to their website www.acquia.com/downloads I saw two Drupal installation. One is Acquia Drupal and other is Dev Desktop. I have read the details, I have not understand the difference clearly.
So which one I should download and what will be the benefits?


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Acquia drupal is just that-- acquia's drupal distro (just drupal). The dev desktop includes everything you need to setup a drupal website (php, mysql, apache, drupal, etc) completely installed and configured (at the end of the install, the site is up and running) as well as a handy little applet to manage it.

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Thanks for the information. I installed dev desktop and currently learning drupal.

Sandip Choudhury