Today, as part of the O'Reilly Open Source Conference, Drupal was awarded a $5000 USD bounty as part of the bounty program announced last year. I'm proud to say we were one of the first three projects awarded along with Plone and dotnetnuke. The award comes for including OpenID support in core for the upcoming Drupal 6 release, as previously announced. The bounty, sponsored by the newly formed OpenID Foundation, will go directly to the Drupal Association.

Special thank you to Scott Kveton and the OpenID Foundation for creating the bounty, as well as to SPAWAR for sponsoring the Drupal development.


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That's pretty cool. What will the $5000 be used for?

John Forsythe
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Hello, while I can't speak for how this particular 5K will be spent examples of how the Drupal association has spent money recently is funding Drupal conferences in Germany, the upcoming conference in Spain, and the purchase of 10GBs of RAM for the infrastructure servers.

Look for an announcement shortly.


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Kieran Lal

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Nice. 10 gigs should help the web servers a bit!
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10 gigs definitely will help.

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I'm proud to say Four Kitchen Studios is one of the founding sponsors of the OpenID bounty. We also designed all the promotional materials used for OSCON 2006 and Wikimania 2006. (Heck, the sponsor logos still load off the Four Kitchens server from when we put up that page.)

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For your sponsorship, as well as your (Four Kitchen's) involvement with OpenID!

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Glad to hear it!

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I would like to thank the folks at SPAWAR, especially Ivan, for sponsoring OpenID development and for Walkah and the Drupal developers for getting it into Drupal 6. Adoption of open standards and making it possible for me to stop generating secure passwords for dozens of sites will help in my old age.

Congratulations everyone!


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Kieran Lal

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Totally awesome news! Congrats guys!

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A great news and congrats.
Will open ID support be backported to 4.7.7 also ?

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I'd say the possibility of that happening is 0%. You can see if the 4.7 OpenID contributed module works for you.

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The OpenID contrib module is fully compatible with Drupal 4.7, minus some of the fancy javascript.

The future is Bryght.

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yeah, there are a few really nice features - well one specificaly - that lets you manage your openid associations (specifically letting you associate an OpenID with an existing account) that would be nice to have for the 4.7 folks out there... I'll look at getting htat stuff backported, but 4.7 kinda gives me hives. ;)

patches welcome of course!

James Walker ::

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Good to hear this and hopefully a nice boost for the Drupal community!

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I agree, although I'm sure everyone would continue with their immense support with or without nice acknowledgments like this. A little (deserved) appreciation goes a long way. Congrats everyone.

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Thanks and congratulations to Walkah and all involved for getting this into core for Drupal 6.

I, too, look forward to having to remember fewer passwords in my old age. ;-)

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