I wanted to start a list of drupal modules released by federal agencies in the U.S. Please let me know any others I may have missed and I'll add to the list.

White House

Department of Commerce

Department of Education

Department of Energy

Federal Communications Commission

General Services Administration

Which ones am I missing?


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Out of curiosity, why?

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One reason why a list like this is useful is that government agencies are expected to comply to certain standards defined by regulations pertaining to security, privacy, accessibility, etc. A list of modules developed by governments can help other agencies identify modules that already meet those standards and possibly may be useful also as a tool for identifying modules in use by governments that currently fail to meet those standards and therefore need to be improved.

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Interesting stuff, thanks!

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It'd be nice to include this as a wiki page on Drupal4Gov so we can all edit it as agencies, states or others contribute code as government entities.

Thanks for starting this list!!

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I went to the Drupal4Gov group, but I couldn't find it there.

As you say, it would be great to have as a wiki — especially if we could get it up and updated in time for that event you and I are talking about with Jamal. ;-)

– Cliff

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Hi folks -

Belatedly, I've just spent 15 minutes digging around and am not finding where the wiki functionality even is. If anyone can point it out, I'd be happy to help get it there. In the meantime, just updated the page with another module, this time from NARA.

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It would be interesting to see:

a) this list be expanded to cover governments the world over - I'm in the Australian Gov space and I'm sure there are others like me from all over the world who are hitting this page and wishing it was inclusive.

b) indications on any policy requirements around those modules such as standards etc so other like myself can find synergies with our own particular jurisdictional requirements here.

b) notes against each module as to if they have been security assessed / vetted by NSA/Defence etc in the same manner which Justin "Mad Irish" Klein Keane provides at: http://www.sas.upenn.edu/computing/drupal-approved-modules (D 6 only :( ) for U.Penn.

(... does that list mean that Penn. testing is a best practice? :P )