Last updated 6 June 2012.

You may find that the task you have chosen from the New Contributor Tasks section has left out some steps, has made some assumptions, or is using terminology that you don't understand. Don't panic! There are members of the Drupal community who are available to help you figure out the task -- either now or in the near future.

If you find information that might be useful to the next person who tries to complete the same task, edit the task to add this information, or ask the person who helped you if they can edit the task (or suggest how you might edit it). There should be an edit link at the top of the task page.

IRC chat

The Drupal community uses IRC for instantaneous on-line chatting. There is information on that IRC page on how to get connected, and a list of channels. Ask your questions about your task in the #drupal or #drupal-contribute channel, a topic-specific channel (such as #drupal-docs for documentation), or a region- or language-specific channel if appropriate. If someone doesn't answer it immediately, be patient -- you may need to come back later or try a different channel.

Office hours

Several groups within the Drupal community have "office hours", which are IRC get-togethers at specific times, where new contributor questions are especially encouraged and people are specifically available to answer them. These include:

"Sprint" events

Both DrupalCon and (some) regional "camp" events have "sprint" days, usually the day before or after the main conference (in the Drupal community, we use the word "sprint" to mean a get-together, on-line or in person, to do some work). Sprints are sometimes targeted to experienced contributors, but often they have a "new contributor" table, where you can get help and orientation completing the tasks you can find here, or other appropriate tasks.

The events calendar is the central place to find events. Or, join your regional group on, where events in your region should be announced.