Last updated December 30, 2014.

General commands

/join #channelname
Joins to a channel in IRC network
joe: thank you.
Prefacing someones username notifies them that someone has responded to them; starting the line with a username (followed by a colon) let's them know that you're 'speaking' to them
/me looks at his watch
Denotes an action, rather than a comment.
/nick joe_p
Changes your username.
/whois joe
Finds more information about another user.
"Hey, Joe read above."
/whois <irc-nickname>
Displayes the information about a person
realname : Druplicon :
channels : #drupal-features
server : [NL]
account : Druplicon
/away your-away-message
Puts an away message while you are not in IRC
Removes the away status

Using Druplicon in IRC

Druplicon: tell joe, was looking for him
"Druplicon will pass that on when joe is around next."
druplicon karma joe
"joe has karma of 5". Druplicon tells the Karma points Joe has.
Druplicon: seen joe?
Find out when the last time a user was seen in IRC.