This install profile makes it easy to create a conference website with features like event signup, session proposal, session voting/judging, session selection/scheduling, and social networking prior to events. Read more about COD's features on and our active development on in the COD Support modules project..

This profile improves the efficiency of setting up a powerful website for event and conference sites such as Drupal Camps and for non-Drupal events alike.

Beta release for 7.x-1.0 will have an upgrade path going forward. Alpha releases had no upgrade path. Please read the change log for more information on the Beta.


You can download the 7.x version of COD below. The 6.x version is now deprecated to security updates only.

If you have an issue to report, please create an issue in the COD Support issue queue unless you are submitting an issue that is specifically about the COD installation profile, Theme or Drush make scripts.

If you're unsure of which issue queue you want, you probably want cod_support.

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