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MD5: c382a4db6b6ac9070a0c9b818d85c97c
SHA-1: 3ba2bae3eb81991bc1022cb4dfea6556307a9d2b
SHA-256: fc92ad0a4b07a9fb62a811e984652e176c871f3e9d5231df97cb1e61e6ad1768
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MD5: c53a099e6d4e2a43d8d0660eaef9e5f3
SHA-1: f1a4e5e29d7eecda59fa93f3850ba5c75b3cdf52
SHA-256: a1322e366316878820d33253e7f68bf1435920e1a1f6fdd9b54a10e0bb9327c6

Release info

Created by: Steven
Created on: 15 Dec 2006 at 09:19 UTC
Last updated: 15 Dec 2006 at 09:32 UTC
Core compatibility: 5.x

Release notes

Changes since DRUPAL-5-0-BETA-2:

  • #8716 by webchick et al: small usability improvement: don't show empty tables.
  • #16798 by profix898: flush the page cache when someone changes his user profile.
  • #18616: allow longer role names.
  • #26552 by Heine. Add child page to unpublished book nodes doesn't work, so remove the link.
  • #27906 by mikeryan: added Brazilian-Portugese support.
  • #40871: Allow class on checkboxes/radios group container.
  • #49926: Allow break tag usage with PHP format, don't cut off otherwise.
  • #51314 by kjartan, eafarris, et al: hide the last comment block if there are no comments.
  • #60916: Fix comment subject being empty when comment only contains HTML tags.
  • #68156 by Heine. Don't show aggregator blocks if they are empty.
  • #70504 by pwolanin. Add key on {files}.nid.
  • #72003: Remove spaces in autogenerated form #ids
  • #73910: Teaser length should be a maximum as the description says, not a minimum.
  • #75803: Allow other HTTP status codes in drupal_goto()
  • #78377: Use real path instead of alias in destination
  • #82178: Make grippie image horizontal.
  • #82690: Fix HTTP 411/406 problem with progress.js
  • #84250: Allow usage of query string on confirm forms.
  • #85303 by AjK: fixed typo in the help texts.
  • #87090 by kkaefer. Render blocks before page content so they may insert headers.
  • #87145 by Steven: usability improvement: easier break-tag.
  • #87241: Use absolute links for search results, to allow syndication.
  • #90612 by Bart Jansens: user_logout should only end the current session.
  • #91592 by ChrisKennedy: avoid scanning hidden files and directories.
  • #92059 by Steven et al: added a memory check to garland/color.module.
  • #92149 by Chris Kennedy: more sentence capitalization.
  • #92192 by webchick. Hide empty blocks on administer by modules.
  • #92242: Don't indent when comment view is flat.
  • #92258: remove silly html comment from phptemplate content
  • #92544: Add print stylesheet to Garland
  • #92849 by mfredrickson: css fix for garland on Safari.
  • #92849: Simplify JS code for collapsed fieldsets, and fix cut-off content in wide fieldsets.
  • #93079 by chx: not able to select database.
  • #93865 by Jax. More correct Order directive.
  • #93897: Fix comment de-indenting multiple levels at a time.
  • #94019 by chx, jvandyk, RobRoy et al: posts -> content.
  • #97538 by edkwh and imagine: fixed throttle settings not being validated properly.
  • #98551 by Heine: make Drupal work when MySQL runs in strict mode.
  • #98988 by Robert Douglass et al: db_result should return FALSE if no result was found. Consistent with PHP's mysql_result.
  • #99087 by Eaton, grugnog2 et al: multistep forms shouldn't fill the session table.
  • #99160 by Darren Oh: image toolkit settings were missing.
  • #99426 by RobRoy. Fully save users during mass editing.
  • #99556 by RobRoy. Clean up content type editing field descriptions.
  • #99601 by pwolanin. Don't save formapi metadata to variables table.
  • #99763 by kkaefer. The menus are a system-level thing, and their css should be too.
  • #99970 by Heine. Make page cache keys case-sensitive on MySQL.
  • #100143 by sammys: fixed files-table on PostgreSQL.
  • #100174 by hickory and edkwh: node_delete_confirm used .
  • #100232 by yched. Fix a typo.
  • #100350 by dvessel. Add a missing <p> tag.
  • #100352 by ChrisKennedy: fixed parse error on pasword reset page.
  • #100516: CSS preprocessor to cache and compress all .css files. Benchmarks show up to 40% faster page loads.
  • #100518: Fix bad URL/callback in access control.
  • #100528 by ChrisKennedy: the RSS aggregator supports non-RSS feeds too.
  • #100547 by Steven: show out-of-date database tables.
  • #100563: Conditional loading of (some) module.css files
  • #100612 by Gerhard: can't add class to table header cells.
  • #100668: Remove gap between textarea and grippie, in Safari.
  • #100679: filter.module - Don't add unnecessary <br /> to empty output.
  • #100696: Add missing feed icons to Garland.
  • #100775 by chx: forms in node preview are broken.
  • #100787 by chx: having a #theme for an element changes the meaning of prefix from 'prefix of this element' to 'prefix of the children elements'.
  • #100836 by webernet: make collapsed comments work again.
  • #100850 by webchick et al: log field in {node_revisions} table has no default value.
  • #100859: Fix aggregator categorization form
  • #100957 by Tobias and chx: fixed return value of drupal_lookup_path().
  • #100962: Localize module descriptions on admin/by-module
  • #100987 by dvessel: paragraph tag to help text.
  • #101006 by Steven: fine-tuned the existing color schemes and added some new ones.
  • #101133: Add files directory writability to status report.
  • #101164: Fix file upload in PHP5 (pass by reference)
  • #101196 by webchick and matt: corrected information in block.module help.
  • #101203: Fix 'more help' appearing when there is none.
  • #101228 by Chris Kennedy and webchick: tweak color.install strings/links.
  • #101236 by Uwe Herman: fixed typos in the documentation.
  • #101289 by webernet: corrected the PHPdoc.
  • #101379 by ChrisKennedy, neclimdul et al: modules missing .info files wrongly adding empty entries to module page.
  • #101421 by webchick: make sure that Drupal installs when MySQL's strict mode is enabled.
  • #101454 by KarenS and webernet: work around a critical CCK compatibility issue.
  • #101486: Fix switch statement in index.php not to trigger on string numbers
  • #101523: Fix menu indentation after conditional CSS patch
  • #101531 by jvandyk: document all the bootstrap phases in Drupal 5.0.
  • #101531 by webchick: documenting bootstrap constants.
  • #101546 by webchick: added PHPdoc comments.
  • #101551 by webchick: documented some constants.
  • #101562 by dvessel: <p>-tag clean ups.
  • #101690 by kkaefer: language/usability improvements.
  • #101714: Allow OpenDocument file extensions by default.
  • #101738 by webchick: phpdoc improvement.
  • #101775 by Steven: don't cut off posts at a lone <
  • #101829 by douggreen, ChrisKennedy and Grugnog2: drupal_install_fix_file() fails to calculate correct permissions.
  • #101900: Can't create blocked user
  • #101960: Ignore empty package values in contrib
  • #101970: image_scale() should not scale to identical sizes
  • #102026 by robert douglass: improved PHPdoc comments.
  • #102151 by robert douglass: removed unneeded 'GROUP BY' clause in thread-building code.
  • #102174: Default filter format's roles were messed up.
  • #102317 by kkaefer: capitalization fix.
  • #102413 by yched: path node/add/[poll|forum|blog] defined twice.
  • #102583 by ChrisKennedy: file upload maxsize displayed incorrectly.
  • #102597: Fix overzealous CSS compressor.
  • #102598 by Heine: updating maintainers.txt.
  • #102602: Even more documentation for constants (webchick)
  • #102603 by webchick: documenting watchdog constants.
  • #102604: Document BLOCK_REGION_NONE constant
  • #102606: More documentation for constants (webchick)
  • #102611: Document database regexp (webchick)
  • #102612 by webchick: document constants.
  • #102644: Change %var to !var in user-defined e-mails (e.g. welcome mail)
  • #102718: Fix multistep form API argument passing.
  • #102783: link to right permissions section in comment help
  • #102871: Fix profile.module fields that appear on registration page
  • #102877: Don't let the css preprocessor mess up @import in some themes.
  • #103258 by Keymone: fixed PostgreSQL bug.
  • #103280: Fix styles for maintenance pages.
  • #103281: Watchdog link in update.php was incorrect.
  • Don't append to non-existent variables.
  • Garland tweak: Swap picture and submitted info on comments. Makes more sense.
  • Improve memory usage of color.module (de-allocate images earlier)
  • Make 'comments' title in Garland translatable
  • Proper checking for a variable existing.
  • Properly check if an array key exists.


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