Hi, have just installed drupal for the first time, blown away by how flexible it appears.

Anyway, I have a problem whereby where authenticated users trying to edit their settings get a greyed out signature box stating "This field has been disabled because you do not have sufficient permissions to edit it". I have been through all the permissions and not managed to find one that fixes this. I am hoping it is stupidly simple and I am missing something.

Thanks in advance


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Doh I feel like an eejit. Seems I had disabled filtered HTML under configuration -> content authoring -> text formats.

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Thanks very much for posting the answer.....I was going mad with trying to rebuild permissions. :-)

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This a correct anwser. It is all about permissions and I was thinking and configuring permissions in module configurations. Thanks a lot.

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If an account has been created by an admin who has Full HTML or other level of content authoring / text format privileges, the signature field will be set to it, effectively disabling the newly created user from using it. Go into your database, look up the "users: table, and change the "signature_format" field to filtered_html.

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This was very helpful. I did create some users, including one of my own test accounts, with Full HTML. Now I have them set correctly. :)


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Thanks! The solution was to allow user use full_html format in permission settings ;)

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As admin, you can also simply edit the user account, change the text format to one the user has access to, and then save the change. No database editing needed.

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You guys are wonderful. Every time you post your solution, you save us newbies. So we live to develop another day...