Last updated 6 May 2017.

If you need to start a new Drupal channel (called "#drupal-foo" in this example):
Before the first step, make sure there is no one on the channel and it's not registered already.

  1. /join #drupal-foo
  2. /msg chanserv register #drupal-foo password
  3. /msg chanserv flags #drupal-foo ricardoamaro +votriAsf
  4. (ricardoamaro is the Drupal group contact to freenode and he can help you with any problems with your channel.)

  5. /msg chanserv set #drupal-foo founder drupalircowner
  6. (drupalircowner owns the #drupal-* channels, the password of this user is known to mlhess, nnewton, ricardoamaro, webchick, Dries, Gerhard and DA staff. Do not bother them with IRC problems, however. This is an absolute last resort.

  7. Please file an infrastructure issue so a member of the infrastructure team can acknowledge the drupalircowner founder transfer.
  8. For "topical" channels, open a request in the Documentation issue queue to ask that your channel be added to the topical channel list (for regional channels, you can add it yourself on the regional channels list page). Include in your issue:
    • Channel name.
    • Description suitable for the channel list page.
    • Indication that you have followed all the instructions on this page.
  9. If you want Drupalbot in your channel, please file an infrastructure issue with the IRC component.
  10. Rejoice. :)