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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Connect-i is a swiss-based company that offers web-based solutions to small, medium and large companies. We pride ourselves in giving excellent customer support. We also put a lot of effort into giving the best possible experience to our clients, like providing a easy to use, intuitive solutions and meeting deadlines at all costs.

Opigno, Drupal based E-Learning

Connect-i is behind the Opigno LMS project, which provides a solid, highly flexible E-Learning framework for Drupal 7. More information can be found at

Opigo LMS SaaS hosting

Connect-i also provides the Opigno LMS as a SaaS offer, freeing you from hosting headaches and software updates. Focus on your e-learning content, and leave the heavy, technical issues to us.


Connect-i offers the following services:

  • Opigno consulting - create an E-Learning solution fitting your specific needs
  • Custom module development
  • Consulting and advice on your Drupal projects, large or small


Contact us for more information.

Drupal contributions

Connect-i has years of experience with Drupal. We have developed dozens of modules over the years for our clients, many of which are now featured on, like:

Connect-i is mostly known for the Opigno LMS project, which provides a solid, entreprise ready and highly flexible E-Learning framework for Drupal 7.

Connect-i is also a Drupal Association member, and a regular sponsor for DrupalCon Europe.

Projects supported

Opigno TinCan Question Type, Opigno TinCan API, Opigno Statistics App, H5P Tincan Bridge, Opigno Learning Locker Stats App, Opigno Moxtra App, Opigno Mozilla Open Badges App, Opigno in house training app, Opigno Class Quota App, Opigno External Video App, Opigno Audio App, Opigno Video App, Opigno Webex App, Opigno Course Categories App, Opigno Quiz Import App, Opigno Student Export App, Opigno User Expiration App, Opigno Forum App, Opigno Poll App, Opigno WYSIWYG Templates App, Opigno Certificate App, Opigno Commerce App, Opigno Course Quota App, Opigno Notifications App, Opigno Messaging App, Opigno Calendar App, Opigno Class App, Opigno Pre-test App, Opigno Quiz App, Opigno LMS, Opigno, PHPExcel, Book translation

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