This module allows sites to have multilingual books.

Users can translate book pages in any language, without adding the translation to a new book outline.


In Drupal, book outlines are not translated by the Internationalization or Locale modules. Before this module was coded, the solution was to create multiple books, one for each language. But this is very cumbersome and not effective at all, especially when having many languages.

Use it

Book translation creates a new navigation block. Enable it. Done.


  • i18n
  • i18nblocks (i18n sub-module) (as of version 2)
  • book (obviously)

Drupal 7

The 7.x branch does not require the i18n_select module, but it is highly recommended.

Version 2

Version 2 is a complete rewrite from version 1. It has many performance improvements, fully mimics the original book block and is better integrated with the i18n module settings.
Version 2 also exposes new tokens, which are the i18n counterparts of the book tokens.

Drupal 6

  • i18n-book
  • i18n-book-raw
  • i18n-bookpath
  • i18n-bookpath-raw

Drupal 7

  • i18n-book
  • i18n-book:parent
  • i18n-book:parents
  • etc

This will be especially usefull with the pathauto module.

Note: If you plan on using the new tokens with pathauto, be aware that depending on your i18n settings (like "default" or "strict") or if your book outline is not fully translated, you may get strange results.

This module is "hooked up" with...

If you're wondering if this module will play well with other modules, these have been implemented / planned:


This module is sponsored by Connect-i.


  • Lansa Pricing System (the product catalog is a book, the outline is in english. Notice the breadcrumbs and clean urls)

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