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Opigno LMS is a full-fledged Learning Management System based on Drupal.

It allows to:

  • manage training paths organized in courses and lessons
  • assess students thanks to varied quizzes
  • award certificates to successful students
  • sell your trainings online
  • facilitate interactions thanks to live meetings, forums and chats
  • and much more!

Opigno LMS is fully compliant with SCORM (1.2 and 2004 v3) and Tin Can (xAPI).

It integrates the innovative H5P technology, making possible to create rich interactive training contents.

This distribution the quickest way to get started using the Opigno e-learning framework. It includes the latest versions of Opigno core and a bunch of other modules allowing to offer efficient and innovative online training tools. It provides a way to create a functional e-learning platform out of the box, with users, courses, certificates, etc, in a few clicks.

Who should use Opigno LMS ?

Any organisation that wants to get up and running quickly using the best practices and latest tools Opigno provides.

Opigno LMS contains an app store that will allow you to install new features easily, without having to upgrade your current install.

Fore more info on Opigno, support or professional services, visit www.opigno.org.
Opigno is also available as a cloud service, more details here.

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