Opigno is used to create e-learning platforms of all sizes. The Opigno core is lean and mean, providing flexible building blocks and APIs to create a custom e-learning system. It uses Drupal 7 and contributed projects like OG, Quiz, Rules and Views.

As opposed to many e-learning systems out there, Opigno was developed with a framework mindset, allowing organizations to build their own solutions quickly and simply. It makes no hard-coded assumptions about your organization, privileging Drupal developers and site builders.

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Core Features

Opigno core provides little functionality out of the box. Most features live in other modules (which are also packaged as apps). You can search for these modules on Drupal.org or by enabling the Apps module and browsing through the list.

At it's core lies the Course, a flexible group entity that allows you to group users together. Using this as a starting point, you can add functionality to these courses like quizzes, certificates or even e-commerce.

First time user ?

If so, we strongly recommend you use the Opigno LMS installation profile. It provides basic configuration of the Opigno modules. Using this profile is the best way for you to quickly test and evaluate Opigno without having to first acquire a broad working knowledge of Drupal 7's fieldable entity system.

For more information, visit www.opigno.org.

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