The PHPExcel module allows developers to export/import data to/from real Excel files.

The idea behind this module is to have a single module for handling the export or import of Excel files, instead of multiple modules handling specific cases.

The module provides no functionality as-is (the .module file is as good as empty). The file must be included to use the export or import functions in your own module.

Development status

You can check the development status on Herald CI:


In order for this module to work, you must download the PHPExcel library (version 1.7.8 or higher).

This module depends on the Libraries API module.


The PHPExcel library can be extracted in any libraries folder you want (sites/*/libraries). You should have sites/*/libraries/PHPExcel/Classes/PHPExcel.php (make sure you get the changelog.txt file as well; Libraries API needs it).

Updating from 2.x to 3.x

The file was still available in 2.x for backward compatibility reasons, but has completely been removed in 3.x. Code must now include

The include path for the PHPExcel library changes. Make sure to move your library files. This may seem odd, but the previous way to store the library was not "right", in that you could not simply extract the downloaded archive to your libraries folder. Now you can.

API reference and cookbook

The API reference can be found here. A cookbook with some real-life examples can be found here.


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