how to transfer my site

Regarding transfer site from wordpress to drupal.

Responsive website for IE

Hi, I am a project manager for a new Government website that we are building with drupal 7. This is a very small site with just 3 pages. The site is not responsive when seen in IE of any version. My designer says, IE will not support HTML5 and CSS3. I am afraid, my project will end up failure because of this. Could any one have any idea on this?

Migrate Database

Is it possible to migrate products from one drupal site to another? Help me please :) Thanks

Content Organization with n level categories

Which approach should I use to solve this problem.
I have top level 27 different types of product and each product has several categories and again each categories having several subcategories and every sub categories may have different fields.
----------AC MOTOR
--------------SINGLE PHASE
--------------THREE PHASE
----------DC MOTOR
--------------SINGLE PHASE
--------------THREE PHASE

How to Link an image in Jquery Gallery Formatter to custom page/url


I am using Gallery formatter module to display some images in my nodes. I want to link those individual images to separate url's. How to work out, any quick help appreciated.

Below is link to existing page which has gallery formatter. I wan't each image should be linked to separate pages when it clicked.

Regards/ Salih


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