Status message

Tandem does strategy, development, and DevOps engagements for organizations that are serious about getting things done. Using hard-won experience working with teams across a variety of industries, we know how to bring your projects alive.

Drupal contributions

  • Maintainers of Lando and Kalabox
  • Team has created/maintained modules such as Kalatheme, Panopoly News and contributes frequently to other Drupal contrib modules.
  • Frequent presenters and DrupalCon and camps across the country
  • Organizers of BADCamp and BADCamp DevOps Summit leaders
  • Providers of free and low-cost Drupal training at Drupal events

Projects supported

OpenGov, Minimis Distribution, Blackbaud SKY API, OneHub, PhotoShelter, Module Missing Message Fixer, Bootstrap Site Alert, Fancy File Delete

Credited on 1 issue fixed in the past 3 months


Tandem believes strongly in a “teach a developer to fish” philosophy. Where many consultancies make themselves a long-term dependency, we want your organization to succeed on its own terms. Often, that means helping to train your team to support new technologies and learn better ways of developing software.

We've provided many private trainings for our clients and have been featured trainers at the San Diego Drupal Camp, the Bay Area Drupal Camp, Devsigner Conference, and other community events.