This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module connects via OAuth to OneHub API. Right now, that is all it does. However, it gives you a class to work with.

How to Use

Once you setup and authorize the module here: /admin/config/services/onehub

In your files do this:

use Drupal\onehub\OneHubAPI;

function whatever() {
  $oh = new OneHubAPI();

  // This will return an object on success or NULL if it fails
  $api = $oh->callAPI('string of url endpoint defined here:');

Extending the Class

You can do this if you need to add more magic, etc

namespace Drupal\YOURMODULE;

use Drupal\onehub\OneHubAPI;

YOURCLASS extends OneHubAPI {
 // codez
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