Puts a site wide bootstrap themed alert message on the top of every page.

I made this module because some of the other existing modules came close in functionality. However, we didn't want to rely on blocks or panels or anything with a theme layer. We needed something fast and easy with a WYSIWYG enabled message and so this module was born. We use hook_page_alter (D7) / hook_page_top (D8) to display the message and so it is independent of any setup you may have on the site.

You will need a Bootstrap based theme to use this, I suggest Kalatheme or Bootstrap.

People without Bootstrap
You can technically still use this, it just depends on the front end library Bootstrap for CSS / JS.

I did however add the CSS / JS in the Documentation for this module so EVERYONE can use it!

Drupal 8

I released the Drupal 8 version the same day as the Drupal 7 version. It looks to be stable on the 2 sites I tested it on. Will release a stable version once I do a little more testing, etc.
It is now stable.

Similar Modules

Site Alert - https://www.drupal.org/project/site_alert
This module was very close to what we wanted originally. We didn't need a date, something in a panel or block, and we needed a configurable WYSIWYG. Inspiration was drawn from this module. Good module though.

Sitewide Alert Message - https://www.drupal.org/project/sitewide_msg
Close, but didn't really hit the mark on what we needed like site_alert.

Alerts - https://www.drupal.org/project/alerts
Works by attaching an alert to individual nodes. No way for a site administrator to create a site wide alert.

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