A project with issue tracker that you can use to report spam, request a confirmed account or user account problems on Drupal.org website.

"Webmasters" vs. "Content"

Issues related to non-documentation website content, such as case studies, marketplace listings, Planet Drupal feeds, front page posts etc. belong to the Drupal.org content project.

Issues related to documentation belong in the Documentation project

"Webmasters" vs. "Infrastructure"

If you want to report a problem with the Apache and MySQL installation on drupal.org, the Mailman mailing lists, the Git repositories, and the various Drupal installations on the drupal.org domain, please use the Drupal.org infrastructure project instead.


All issues regarding licensing belong into the Licensing Working Group's issue queue.

What about subsites?

Most subsites have own issue queues:

If a sub-site is not in the list above, you can use the queue here to report problems.

Helping as a webmaster

If you want to help fix issues reported through the Drupal.org webmasters' bug tracker, it is probably a good idea to subscribe to the webmasters mailing list, join #drupalorg channel on IRC and Drupal.org improvements group.

The process for becoming a webmaster is basically participating in issues, providing guidance to people submitting them, and showing yourself to be helpful and knowledgeable about the way drupal.org is maintained. After a while of doing that it will become obvious to the other webmasters that you should have some additional roles to put your ideas into action.

Guidelines for webmasters are in the Drupal.org site maintainers guide.

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