This module provides integration between your Drupal site and the Varnish HTTP Accelerator, an advanced and very fast reverse-proxy system. Basically, Varnish handles serving static files and anonymous page-views for your site much faster and at higher volumes than Apache, in the neighborhood of 3000 requests per second.

This module provides admin-socket integration which allows Drupal to dynamically invalidate cache entries, and also lets you query the Varnish admin interface for status, etc.

Drupal 8 version

Drupal 8 version work is just started, and the branch should be considered very experimental for now.

Drupal 6 and 7 version

Should be considered rather stable.

Drupal 5 version

Not supported anymore.


At the moment, using Varnish to any effect at all requires Drupal 7 or PressFlow.

We currently support Varnish 2.0, 2.1, 3 and 4 (Drupal 7 only).

Helpful information for those new to Varnish:

Also, this module is beginning to implement dynamic cache expiration via the expire module, which will allow for much longer page lifetimes (and thus higher cache hitrates!).


"Varnish" is a registered trademark used with permission from Varnish Software.

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