The purge module clears content from reverse proxy caches like Varnish, Squid or Nginx by issuing an http PURGE request to them. This allows delivering content updates faster to end users while maintaining efficient caching.

Stable: Purge 1.x for Pressflow 6 and Drupal 7

The current stable 1.x branches work in conjunction with the Cache Expiration module to act on events that are likely to expire URLs from the proxy cache. It will not longer receive new features, just bugfixes.



  • Unpack, place and enable just like any other module.
  • Navigate to Administration -> Site configuration -> Purge settings.
  • Set your proxy URL(s) like http://localhost or
  • If you are using nginx you need to specify the purge path and the get method in your proxy setting like this:
  • If you are using the Acquia Cloud we recommend you use the platform specific module Acquia Purge instead.
  • Optional: Install Rules for advanced cache clearing scenarios or Drush for command line purging. Both are supported through the expire module.

Experimental: Purge 2.x for Drupal 7

The 7.x-2.x branch has been the place where new features and strategies for Purge have been experimented on. It's not likely to have a stable release soon and possibly never at all in favor of a backport of the 8.x-3.x branch. Some of the new 2.x features we've been tinkering with: Not suitable for production use! See #1826926: Purge 2.x roadmap and progress for more details.

Drupal 8: Purge 3.x

Work on a Drupal 8.0.x version of Purge is ongoing. More details soon.

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