What is this?

This is the Varnish purger for the Purge module.

How to use it

I did a blog post on how to use this module, please also read the updates that are needed.

This module is from start based on Generic HTTP Purger module (All work done in the first commit should be credited to nielsvm.

Varnish configuration

To work with cache tags you need to have a Varnish vcl-file that implements is, here is a suggestion for defaul.vcl for Varnish 4 and using BAN.

Image bans

Since release of 8.x-1.7 we now have basic support for image bans with the sub module varnish_image_purge, using a VCL setting like the following:

sub vcl_recv {
  if (req.method == "URIBAN") {
    ban("req.http.host == " + req.http.host + " && req.url == " + req.url);
    # Throw a synthetic page so the request won't go to the backend.
    return (synth(200, "Ban added."));
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