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What is the Validator?

This module provides an advanced and flexible way for developers to validate forms, entities and fields. Using a simple system of hooks and user defined constraints everything in Drupal can be validated.

It was created to overcome the vast number of form alters and custom validation functions. It helps create a clear structure for defining your custom validation. It also helps re-using constraints across multiple forms and/or entities.

How to use the Validator?

There is an example module available which shows the hooks you can use. It validates the default Drupal article content type.
You can also take a look at validator.api.php.

There will soon be documentation available!

Coming soon

  • Documentation
  • More default constraints


We would really like it if you would give this awesome module a spin and give us feedback.
If you created your own constraints please feel free to add a request in the issue queue to include these in the Validator.


This module was sponsored by Greenpeace International as part of the Greenpeace Greenwire project.

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