This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

User Relationship Mailer with Token support

User Relationship Mailer Token is a companion module to the User Relationships module. It will (conditionally) send email notifications regarding relationship creation/removal/approval/disapproval/cancellation.

This module was based upon the User Relationship Mailer module that comes bundled with User Relationships, but it differs in a few ways.

  • Replacement patterns use the Token module.
  • Full support for Content Profile fields as tokens.
  • Support for ImageCache file paths as tokens.
  • Wysiwyg text editor support to select input types when creating the email message.
  • HTML support for outbound emails created using the Wysiwyg editor.
  • Module configuration is on its own page now rather than mixed in with the UR module settings.

In the case of the author, this module is being used to send "following" emails very similar to what the Twitter following emails look like, with full HTML, photos, follow links, and so forth.

It was decided in #442138: Use Tokens rather than hard coded string replacments that the core User Relationships module would not implement support for Tokens, hence the need to create this separate project. To that end, this module should not be used with the bundled version from User Relationships. The UR Mailer module should be disabled and this module should be enabled instead.

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