Although the free Google Translate API v1 was discontinued, Google Translate API v2 is a for-pay API, costing $20/MB. The D6 6.x-1.2 (and higher) and 7.x-1.2 (and higher) versions of this module now support the API v2, so please try it.

This module uses the Google Translate API v2 and the jquery-translate plugin to offer to translate any region in your content that can be specified with a CSS selector.

Translatable Regions is intended for sites that have content from more than one language on a page. The sections of the page that are selected for translation get a button above them offering to translate to the browser's detected language.

The translations that result are identical to the translations from Google Translate. The source material can be of any length, thanks to the jquery-translate plugin.

  • This module uses machine translation which is nowhere as good as human translation. However, it can make content accessible which would otherwise be completely inaccessible, with absolutely no intervention by developers or translators.
  • This module is intended for translation of portions of a page (which may all be in different languages), not the whole page. You may be interested in the Google Translate module if you want to translate entire pages.
  • This module does client-side translation. It is done on the viewer's browser. It is not related to full internationalization of a Drupal site. It is to benefit the end user where a real human-created translation is not available.

This module was inspired by the Translatable Comments module and the initial code came from there, but it uses a different approach by using the jquery-translate plugin.

To see how this works as a foreign-language user (assuming you don't have a Portuguese-language browser), take a look at the Portuguese-language forums on

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