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The Tin Can API project is a suite of modules that provide various points of integration with the Tin Can API/Experience API. The module(s) can be used to track many different types of user interaction such as viewing nodes, clicking links and watching YouTube or Vimeo videos via the Media module. The Tin Can API module can also act as a framework to track custom statements.

The Tin Can API module has been tested and works with the SCORM Cloud LRS and the Learning Locker.

Tracking features

  • Node views (content type and view mode selection)
  • External link clicks
  • Link clicks based on file extensions
  • User creation and updates
  • Video player interaction (play, pause, stop, skip) for YouTube and Vimeo videos via the Media module
  • Quiz interaction (answering questions and quiz completion) via the Quiz module
  • H5P bridge to send the statements of H5P content to the LRS
  • Synchronisation of profile information to the document store of LRS

Module integration

Quiz (4.x)

Get involved

Suggestions, bugs, and patches can be posted in the issue queue. If you would like your module to be included in the Tin Can API package please create a feature request.


Nikos Verschore (nve)

Version 2.0

We released a new branch 2.0, we intend to be fully compatible with the 1.0 branch, but are not there yet. Please create issues for parts that got broken.

  • The new version includes a H5P bridge module. That will send all H5P statements through our module.
  • It includes offline support. So when statements could not be sent, because the user went offline, it will be saved in local storage and tried again when online. Also when closing the browser the video statements are saved, so no statements are lost.
  • Support aliasses of paths from pathauto
  • Many bugfixes


Development for this project is sponsored by iMinds.

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