This module changes default image field widget and formatter to allow use SVG image with the standard Image field.

Using SVG Image module you will not need to use another field type to load SVG image. Load SVG files into the Image field, it is not needed to create file field or special "SVG" type field.

Don't forget to add a svg file extension into the list of the allowed image extensions in the field settings.

Features (beyond the main functionality):

  • Ability to select width and height of the image in formatter settings
  • Ability to render svg image as <img> or <svg> tags.

If you met any problems with this module - feel free to create an issue.

Other modules:

  • SVG image field - Provides another field type used for SVG image uploading.
  • SVG Formatter - Module adds ability to display field with type "file" as SVG image.

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