Spambot protects the user registration form from spammers and spambots by verifying registration attempts against the Stop Forum Spam ( online database. It also adds some useful features to help deal with spam accounts.

This module works well for sites which require user registration before posting is allowed (which is most forums).


  • Checks (username, email, ip address) data against the blacklist. Blacklisting can be based on either of email, username or IP address (with configurable thresholds).
  • Scanning of existing user accounts (via cron).
  • New 'spam' tab for user accounts with some useful information and actions.
  • Optionally report accounts as spammers.
  • White lists for IP/email/usernames
  • Easy integrated to any custom forms (checking only by IP)
  • Uses IP addresses from core statistics and User Stats if they are enabled.

If you need more IP address statistics of your users, please consider the User Stats module.

Sample Data

To test this module, you can visit and use any of the data from their 'Recent Submissions' section as samples.

Project information