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Site Audit is a Drupal static site analysis platform that generates reports with actionable best practice recommendations.

Every Drupal site is unique, with its own individual configuration, content, audience, and so forth. With that said, they all have the same core infrastructure and configuration; Drupal! Therefore, it's possible to perform performance and behavior gathering to inspect any site.

Site Audit uses a technique known as static program analysis. This mechanism does not actually perform requests on the target site, and in doing so avoids the observer effect. It's non-intrusive, so no installation into the target site or configuration is required.

The end result is a fast, repeatable report that can help detect common problems and provide introspection into Drupal sites. Reports can be generated in multiple formats, including plain text, HTML, and JSON.

Site Audit can also be extended by other projects to add custom reports and checks.


Site Audit includes a number of comprehensive reports, each consisting of one or more checks. Site Audit reports include:

  • Best Practices - structural recommendations
  • Block - caching
  • Cache - optimal Drupal caching settings
  • Codebase - size of the site; size and count of managed files
  • Content - checks for unused content types, vocabularies
  • Cron - Drupal's built-in cron
  • Database - collation, engine, row counts, and size
  • Extensions - count, development modules, duplicates, missing
  • Insights - Analyze site with Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Security - check for common security exploits, such as malicious menu router items
  • Status - check for failures in Drupal's built-in status report
  • Users - blocked user #1, number of normal and blocked users, list of roles
  • Views - caching settings
  • Watchdog - 404 error count, age, number of entries, enabled, PHP errors


See for installation instructions.

HTML reports

Create a new file or overwrite:

drush ac --html --detail > ~/Desktop/report.html

Continue writing to a file:

drush abp --html --detail >> ~/Desktop/report.html

Run every report with maximum detail, skipping Google insights and adding Twitter Bootstrap for styling:

drush aa --html --bootstrap --detail --skip=insights > ~/Desktop/report.html


Site Audit is used to power Launch Check on Pantheon, a collection of site status checks through the Pantheon Dashboard. Site Audit is installed at Pantheon and can be used on any Pantheon site that you manage. Learn more about Drush on Pantheon.

To see all the Site Audit commands on Pantheon, use:

drush @pantheon.SITENAME.ENV help --filter=site_audit

To run the Best Practices report on Pantheon:

drush @pantheon.SITENAME.ENV --detail abp

To check caching settings on Pantheon (recommendation is to disable page compression):

drush @pantheon.SITENAME.ENV --vendor=pantheon --detail ac

Feel free to add vendor specific support, either through a patch or by specifying the functional differences. If you've installed Site Audit and made it available to your customers platform-wide, let us know and we can list it here.

Integration with other modules

Site Audit is extensible; see the documentation for details and examples.

The following modules have or will have Site Audit support:

If your module includes Site Audit support, submit an issue and we'll update this list.

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Summer 2015 Drupal 8 Port
Initial development

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