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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Four Kitchens is a one-stop digital strategy firm, with strong roots in the open-source and free-culture communities. We build websites and apps to engage people on virtually any device, creating the tools you need to reach your audience and making knowledge freer for everyone.

Content strategy, content management, and multi-channel publishing are our passion.

We perform user research, create content models, deploy CMSs, and design content APIs and microservices. Though we mostly build big platforms, we can work at many levels: consulting, team augmentation, "virtual CDO/CTO" services for organizations without a web team, and dedicated support for existing sites.

As your partner, we help you stay ahead of the competition in the digital age. We are the Web Chefs: your allies, collaborators, and best-kept secret.

Four Kitchens' clients include NBC, Turner, ICANN, The Economist, Al Jazeera, Yale University, Stanford University, Expeditionary Learning, and World Pulse.

Drupal contributions

We are the creators of Pressflow, a performance-optimized distribution of Drupal that powers some of the largest sites in the world. In addition to our work in Drupal performance and scalability, the Four Kitchens web chefs have contributed several modules and themes to and have participated in numerous code sprints, DrupalCons, and DrupalCamps around the world.

We're also the creators of Aquifer, ideated after we saw several pain points in developing and maintaining large Drupal sites—problems that boiled down to not having a build system, particularly around ramping up new developers on projects quickly. Started by Patrick Coffey and supported by many other Web Chefs at Four Kitchens, Aquifer is a command line interface that makes it easy to scaffold, build, test, and deploy your Drupal websites. Read more about it here.

See for a full list of our contributions.

Projects supported

Mandrill Webform Tweaks, Group Field Permissions, WebVR (Virtulal Reality) Studio for Drupal, Cache Invalidate, Emulsify, Configuration Accountability, Entity Field Condition, Feeds Spark Pay, TFA Rules, Stop Administrator Login, REM, Feeds:, Drupalgeddon, Polymer <flip-card>, Distill, Unused Modules, Polymer API, Web Components API, Generate Errors, Site Audit, Asynchronous JavaScript, Magic, UglifyJS, Taxonomy Orphanage, Dismiss, Simple Help, Views Language Switcher, ExactTarget SOAP, Respond.js, Video Recorder, Services Views, Modernizr, Attachment Links, Read More Link, User Terms, Views Natural Sort, Buzzworthy, Recent Comments, NineSixty (960 Grid System), Permalink, Universally Unique IDentifier, Nodewords by Path (obsolete), Mass Change, Feed Path Publisher, Block Class, Author Taxonomy, Tracker 2, About This Node, Aurora, Read More Link (Drupal 6 and earlier)

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