Admin interface

Over time your website gets unwieldy so it needs cleaning up.
Though it's simple to find what modules are enabled/disabled, it's rather difficult to find out if this is true for a project.

This is a helper / development module that lists unused modules / projects that can be safely deleted.
This makes your repository cleaner and your website faster.

Naming / nomenclature

  • Project: a project that has its own namespace and can be downloaded from Say "Views".
  • Module: a project can contain multiple modules. Say "views" and "views_ui".


  • Module "views_ui" is disabled and module "views" is enabled. The project "views" is not safe to delete.
  • Module "admin_menu" is disabled and module "admin_menu_toolbar" is also disabled. The project "admin_menu" is safe to delete.

Notes / caveats

  • Core modules are not listed, never delete them!
  • If a module occurs multiple times it is listed only once and always in the most specific location. This is because the method to track modules is a Drupal function that returns modules that can be enabled. That function favours specific (/sites/your-site) over generic (/sites/all). See .
  • Always make a full backup of your database and codebase before deleting modules!
  • Always uninstall modules before deleting them.
  • Double / triple check results!!!


  • Drupal admin ui: /admin/config/development/unused_modules
  • Drush: $ drush unused-modules
  • Site-audit: $ drush audit-extensions

See README for detailed instructions.

Sorry, its a heavy page load.

Supporting organizations: 
Initial development
Drush support and stable releases
Site Audit integration

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