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SimpleFeed will soon be abandoned and all efforts put into:

This module will be discontinued in Jan 2010.

I will be writing an upgrade/migration path (since I use this module on all of my sites) along with writing a new Google Feed API parser for Feeds module.

SimpleFeed - feed parsing the easy way :-)


  • uses SimplePie as the default feed parsing engine
  • very simple and fast: everything is a node, use hook_nodeapi() to manipulate anything you want
  • feed & feed items obey default node workflow + options (e.g., set if feed items should be published by default)
  • auto-taxonomy, automatically add categories in feeds to Drupal's taxonomy system
  • revisions support for both feeds & feed items
  • automatically delete feed items after a certain amount of time
  • automatically generate feed item titles if they don't exist in the feed
  • optionally expire specific feed items by editing their expiration time
  • edit any feed or feed item that comes in
  • manually insert feed items into feeds
  • customizable default input format for imported feeds (e.g., which tags to strip from feeds, if any)
  • postgres support
  • duplicate checking of both feeds & feed items
  • granular feed permissions
  • optional views support
  • optional token support
  • optionally verify feeds before adding to database
  • optional stats collecting module for per-feed stats and global stats on feed usage

If you need more flexible API for parsing different types of things have a look at Feedapi.

More docs here:

Sites using SimpleFeed:

Development of this module sponsored by ParentsClick / Lifetime Digital.

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