qTips are stylish tooltips that can be configured and styled (more to come in later releases) to fit nearly any website's design.


  • There are now submodules included with qTip:
    • qTip: Views - Integrates qTip with Views module.
      • Note: The original work for the Views label functionality was done by infojunkie on the Views Field Tooltip module. If you are only looking to add tooltips to your Views labels, please consider using that module.
    • qTip: Webform - Integrates qTip with Webform module.
    • qTip: Field - Integrates qTip with core Field API.
    • qTip: Filter - Provides a text format filter to insert qTips in content.
    • qTip: Panels - Integrates qTip with Panels module.


  • cTools
  • Libraries
  • jQuery Update is recommended, but is not an absolute requirement. qTip requires jQuery version 1.6+. If jQuery Update is not installed, this module will use version 1.6 from Google CDN.
  • qTip submodules depend on the modules they integrate with. (i.e. qTip: Webform depends on the Webform module)

7.x-2.x is a complete rewrite! It is currently not backwards-compatible with 7.x-1.x!

See #2283435: Impossible to add Qtip instance for more information, or better yet, submit a patch to resolve this issue! :)

Complete documentation is still needed as well!

To get started go to admin/config/user-interface/qtip

7.x-1.x and 6.x-1.x

These branches are no longer supported. This documentation is kept here for current sites using these branches only. It is highly recommended to update to 7.x-2.x.

Test and Help development!

Submit any issues or feature requests in the issue queue!

This module should work well, but please do proper tests before using on production site.

Special thanks to Craig, creator of the qTip jQuery plugin.

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